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construction verification

Can construction verification help to seed collaboration?

Harnessing technology to verify construction progress on-site could break down adversarial silo working and foster greater cooperation across the industry, says Robert Klaschka, founding member of the Construction Verification Initiative and principal consultant at EvrBilt.
safer homes

3D models: Why a smarter approach is the key to better,...

Helen Rogers, product director at Civica, explores how robust data and modelling can help housing providers deliver safer homes.
construction supply chain data

Barbour ABI partners with PLACEMAKE.IO to enhance construction supply chain data

Construction industry intelligence provider, Barbour ABI, has announced a partnership with PLACEMAKE.IO that will enhance the construction supply chain data offered to mutual clients.
single source of truth in construction

BIM’s role in achieving a single source of truth in construction

Michele D’Andrea Rodrigues from Mail Manager explores the role of BIM in achieving a single source of truth in construction when it comes to building safety.
decommissioning strategy

The real value of data for your planning and decommissioning strategy

Ceri-Ann Droog, global digital director at Atkins, examines the benefits of data for your planning, construction design, decommissioning strategy and more.

Hackathons: Helping construction harness data, the future of the sector

Hackathons can harness the full potential of data to bring forward groundbreaking ideas for the construction industry, says Gareth Parkes, head of data and analytics at Sir Robert McAlpine.

Building shock-resistant communities: Data-driven approach to adapt to climate change

How can we make the next decade count to underpin resilient, adaptable communities? Suna Taymaz, Simon Babes and Steve Gwynne of GHD take a look.
digital twin street works

Evolving street works in the UK through data and digital twins

Michelle Scarsbrook, commercial sector director at Sopra Steria, explores how to minimise disruption to our roads by evolving street works through data and digital twins.
Open data infrastructure

Transparency and open data driving infrastructure change

Maria da Graça Prado, senior policy and research adviser at CoST, the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative discusses assurance work around the world to demonstrate the value of transparency and open data as a catalyst for change in the management and delivery of public infrastructure.
Integrated data, digital tools

Integrated data in construction: The ‘key to success’ in 2021 and...

The recent challenges brought on by Covid-19 have shown the construction industry to be willing to adopt new technologies. Social distancing measures have forced construction to adapt to digital tools faster and more comprehensively than ever before.
Predictive engineering, big data

Predictive engineering analytics, big data and the future of design

Data has evolved from a tool for looking at the past to one that can predict the future, Ravi Shankar and Jan Larsson discuss more.

Creating a robust data foundation for digital transformation

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation – but data transformation, using trusted information to learn about products, customers and competition, should be part of any company strategy, says Peter Ruffley, chief executive of Zizo.
Town centres, Road to recovery,

How agile, data-driven strategies will drive high street recovery

Town centres already struggling with changing shopping habits and shifting footfall have been put under extreme stress by Covid-19. The road to recovery will depend on agile, data-driven decision making, says Steve Scott, executive leader of GHD Advisory UK.
Predictive weather

Predictive Weather and Climate Analytics

This ebook from MetSwift looks at how AI, machine learning and analytics, can provide accurate weather insights to inform construction processes.
big data, artificial intelligence,

How construction firms can capitalise on their data

You have data – here’s what to do with it, says Karthik Venkatasubramanian, vice-president of data and analytics at Oracle Construction & Engineering.
Smart buildings, data overload, information overload

Smart buildings and dealing with data overload

George Adams, director of energy and engineering at SPIE UK, looks at how to overcome information overload and extract genuine value from smart buildings.
Predictive climate and weather analytics & AI in construction

Climate and weather prediction analytics & AI in construction

In this ebook, Metswift looks at how emerging, rapidly advancing technology such as Artificial Intelligence, can be harnessed to take the pain out of weather prediction for the construction industry.
smart cities, data science,

How data can build the smart cities of the future

Nathan Sykes, tech writer for Kolabtree, discusses the role of data science in smart cities and how urban planners depend on data to learn about housing trends and transportation habits.
Integrated Environmental Solutions Limited

IES: New model for visualising real-time energy data

Pioneering 3D community interaction model created by IES to visualise real-time energy data online and via 147inch touch screen
Construction data

Better storytelling with construction data and analytics

“Hey data! Is my project on schedule?” Data science is becoming a key characteristic of competitive advantage for construction organisations. However, turning data into information, and then into meaningful insight, can be a real challenge. David Philp of i3 by AECOM takes a look
Big Data

BIM: The original Big Data?

Big Data can help building owners and operators leverage insight from a wide range of sources to optimise their assets – and their businesses. Jon Anunson of i3 by AECOM says BIM can be an excellent starting point to get information flowing
Geospatial data

Transforming large estates through smart geospatial data

The ‘smart’ use of geospatial data can transform outcomes for large estate owners, writes Adrian Burgess of PCSG
A data-centric approach assures an integrated environment

A data-centric approach assures an integrated environment

BIM is synonymous with construction. Graeme Forbes, Managing Director, Clearbox explains why a data-centric approach is superior to a file-based process
big data bim

Big data BIM: developing innovative solutions for the future

coBuilder outlines the role of big data in BIM and explain why it is not simply about using 3D modelling but about changing how companies approach projects

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