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falls through skylight

Scaffolding company fined £160k after crane operator fatally electrocuted

A scaffolding company has been fined £160,000 after a crane operator was fatally electrocuted when the crane he was operating struck an overhead powerline.
falls through skylight

Construction company fined £16k after workers exposed to asbestos

A construction company has been fined £16,000 after workers were exposed to asbestos when they removed false ceiling tiles during a shop conversion in Hull.
ECS Groundwork, worker paralysed

Construction company fined £40k after worker paralysed

A company has been fined after a worker was paralysed when the concrete floor he was working on collapsed and he fell 11 metres down a stairwell at the Watford Football Stadium.
Bradford construction company

Construction worker injured as sheet pile fell from mechanical excavator

Britcon (UK) Ltd have been fined £570,000 for safety breaches after an employee was struck by a falling load from a mechanical excavator.
falls through skylight

Contractor fined after employee falls fifteen feet from scaffolding

A contractor has been fined £18,000 after an employee fell fifteen feet from scaffolding, resulting in ten fractured ribs, a fractured shoulder and a collapsed lung.
St Mowden Homes fined

St Mowden Homes fined £200k after three brickies fell from height

St Mowden Homes has been fined £200,000 after three contractors fell 2.5 metres onto a concrete floor suffering serious injuries.
St Mowden Homes fined

First contractor prosecuted during HSE Covid spot check

Principal contractor Umar Akram Khatab has been sentenced to a 12-month community order after multiple health and safety issues were identified during a Covid spot check in Manchester.
St Mowden Homes fined

Construction company fined £23k for multiple safety breaches

A construction company has been fined £23,000 after multiple health and safety breaches were found on a site in Bolton.
St Mowden Homes fined

Contractors fined £15k after employee breaks back in fall from height

A building contractor and a roofing contractor have been fined over £15,000 after an employee fell from a first-floor extension and broke his back.
St Mowden Homes fined

Contractor fined £40k after workers contract HAVS

Contractor Peter Duffy has been fined £40,000 after several employees were diagnosed with Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS).

Worker seriously injured after breaker falls from excavator

Construction company Hovington Limited has been fined £34,000 after a worker was struck by a falling piece of plant machinery.

Engineering company pleads guilty after employee scalped

An engineering company has been fined after one of its employees suffered scalping injuries when her hair became entangled in a pillar drill.
Anthony Bradley, roofer,

Roofer and scaffolder plead guilty after fatal fall from height

A roofer and a scaffolder have been sentenced following a fatal fall from height at a two-storey terraced house on Rosevine Road, Wimbledon.
overhead power line

Scaffolding worker hits overhead power line

Cambridge Glasshouse Company has been fined £333,333 after a scaffolding worker came into contact with an 11kV overhead power line.
overhead power line

Construction company fined £30k for work at height breach

A construction company has been fined £30,000 for failing to comply with work at height regulations after a worker fell from a garage roof.
Michael Smithers, illegal gas work

Builder jailed after undertaking illegal gas work

Michael Smithers, a self-employed fitter has been jailed after carrying out gas work at a residential address in the New Forest whilst he was not competent to do so, leaving a gas boiler in an ‘at risk’ condition.
Injuries in construction, construction,

Falls from height remain most common fatal injury in construction

Over half of fatal injuries to workers in 2020/21 were in the construction sector and agriculture, the number of work-related death in construction was 39, a decrease of 3 from the previous year.
overhead power line

Utilities company fined after passer-by dies following fall into excavation site

Utility company, M&S Water (Utilities) Ltd has been fined £100,000 after a member of the public suffered fatal injuries after falling into an excavation site.
overhead power line

Construction firm fined after worker severs hand

A construction company has been fined after a worker’s hand was severed by an inadequately guarded mitre saw on a construction site in Bolney, Sussex.
overhead power line

BAM Nuttall fined £700k after employee dies

BAM Nuttall has been fined £700,000 after an employee sadly died when he was run over by a dumper truck.
illegal gas work, gas work,

Unregistered gas engineer pleads guilty to multiple breaches

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that Dean Coslett, trading as Dorset Boiler Company, carried out illegal gas work and breached an HSE Prohibition Notice.
Illegal gas work, Dean Mulholland Blues

Unregistered engineer sentenced for illegal gas work  

An unregistered gas fitter has been sentenced after putting lives at risk by carrying out illegal gas work at several properties.

Construction firm pleads guilty after excavation collapse

Harlands Builders Limited has been fined for safety breaches after a ground worker was trapped having entered a two-metre-deep excavation.
NMC Surfacing, Fraden Contracts,

Construction worker seriously injured during lifting operation

Two construction companies have been fined after a worker was seriously injured when a part of an air conditioning plant fell on him while it was being lowered from a roof.

Builder jailed for failing to report serious incident

A builder has been jailed for 24 weeks after he failed to report a serious incident that resulted in a workers leg being amputated.

Construction company fined £18k for work at height failings

A Blackpool-based construction company has been fined £18,000 for failing to comply with Work at Height Regulations.