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Motorway recovery, About Access

Taking an inclusive approach to roadside recovery

Ian Streets, managing director of About Access, catches up with Costain to help them ensure their motorway recovery services are accessible.
Accessibility statements

How access statements can highlight best practice within your building

Ian Streets from About Access discusses access statements and their benefits to visitors, as well as touching upon their limitations.

No reason for museums to be stuck in the past

Ian Streets, managing director of About Access, says consultation is key when it comes to making art and culture accessible to all.
Accessibility issues

Accessibility issues: Sharing expertise to create a more inclusive world

Ian Streets from About Access discusses tackling accessibility issues by educating others in order to share expert knowledge.
Signage, Accessibility,

Accessibility implications when choosing the design of signs

Ian Streets from About Access discusses signage and the importance of accessibility implications when choosing the design of signs.
accessible WC, About Access, accessibility, Island of accessibility,

Islands of accessibility in a sea of inaccessibility

Ian Streets, managing director of About Access, finds excellent examples of accessibility, but in places which are inaccessible.
About Access

About Access – Hidden disabilities – and hidden disabled people

Ian Streets from About Access discusses tackling disability issues and provisions against them when considering building projects We often look at the issues around hidden...
About Access

Credit to Highways England for exemplar approach to consultation

About Access praise Highways England when looking at two case studies involving accessibility within their consultation procedures.
accessible loos, structural warranty,

Time to flush out the poor design of accessible loos

Ian Streets, managing director of About Access, urges designers to consider the needs of disabled people when planning essential facilities.
About Access

About Access: Handy advice on common design faults

About Access discuss how simple design faults can lean to difficulties in accessibility, providing tips to resolve the issues at the start of the process.
Improve accessibility, Historic houses,

Innovation key to making historic properties accessible to modern visitors

Ian Streets, managing director of About Access, looks at how the heritage market can meet the needs of disabled customers.
About Access

Accessibility commitments – Keeping New Year resolutions

Ian Streets of About Access discusses how keeping true to accessibility goals can be tricky - stick to those New Year resolutions for a more inclusive world
About Access

Accessibility: Time for digital mapping to drive improvements

Ian Streets of About Access discusses how accessibility can be improved on with implementation of some good practices
About Access

Improving accessibility: Costs climbed after flawed consultation

Ian Streets of About Access discusses how accessibility improvements can be impacted financially by poor consultation process early on.

About Access knows getting it right first time will keep costs...

Considering accessibility at the design stage can avoid costly delays during construction – and potential loss of business later on.
About Access

Access Statements are essential in the information age

About Access discuss how access statements are important for attractions, providing information before visiting. One example discussed is the Emmerdale tour
About Access

Terrain guides can provide useful tips for all visitors

About Access discuss their terrain guides and how they can help accessibility in providing visitors with an overview of their surroundings
About Access

About Access: Ensuring design and facilities are accessible for all

This ebook from About Access examines the keys to ensuring buildings are accessible for all and that there is an awareness of accessibility issues
About Access

Doc M packs – When an accessible convenience is neither accessible...

Ian Streets of About Access discusses Document M and the issues with substandard Doc M packs, as well as where the designer sometimes knows best.

Modern thinking must extend to accessibility

Cutting-edge, attractive and even well-intentioned design can make new buildings difficult to navigate for people with disabilities. Ian Streets of About Access examines at some common issues.
About Access

About Access – Look after the dogs, and spare a thought...

Ian Streets from About Access discusses tackling disability issues and how the simplest ideas can be the most helpful in varying situations.
About Access

Project partners promoting inclusion in construction

Ian Streets of About Access discusses inclusion in construction and how feedback from consultation around a road improvement project has resulted in a group of major construction companies working together to minimise the negative impact of their work on neighbours and disabled people.
About Access

About Access Ltd – Common sense will help you think outside...

About Access Ltd discuss how common sense will help you think outside of box-ticking and help with accessibility for an inclusive world
BS 8300

Updated British Standard presents a golden opportunity

The publication of updated guidance aimed at making buildings more inclusive presents a golden opportunity for property developers and designers to look again at accessibility
About Access

Design of doors starts with common sense

Ian Streets of About Access discusses the design of doors and their role in accessibility and safety, something often overlooked. We’ve seen all sorts of...
BS 8300

Time to think as we await new-look BS 8300

Ian Streets of About Access looks ahead to the introduction of the wide-ranging BS 8300 and its potential impact on new and planned developments

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