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flood barrier solution

Partnership to develop sustainable flood barrier solution

Aquobex has partnered with HydroGuard to develop the first lightweight, compact, and simple-to-use sustainable flood barrier solution.
Flood resilience solution, FloodRecover solution,

FloodRecover: Flood resilience solutions for all property owners

Aquobex discusses the launch of the FloodRecover brand and portfolio, a holistic flood resilience solution to enable cost-effective and insurable flood resilient repairs to properties of all types.
Flood Performance Certificates

Firm foundations for Flood Performance Certificates

The Flood Performance Certificates scheme urgently needs a firm foundation based on empirical evidence and detailed expert knowledge if it is to succeed, argues Aquobex.
Flood protection products, aquobex

New standards for flood protection

BS 851188, the first national standard for flood protection products, introduces a number of important changes, Aquobex takes a look.
Flood resilience project, floodproof, flood repairs

Flood resilient repair: Lessons from the Cumbrian Flood Resilience Project

After participating in the Defra-sponsored Cumbrian Flood Resilience Project, Aquobex looks at the progress in the developing market for flood resilient repairs.
Flood protection measures

Flood protection measures for construction managers and developers

Aquobex looks at the issue of blending effective flood protection measures with building aesthetics Integrating flood protection measures into a new property design...
Flood doors

When is a flood door not a flood door?

Issues can arise with flood doors relate to more than just their functionality in flood protection, however, residential flood doors need to be easy to operate with standard handle forces and an easy to lock operation.
Property Level

Property Level Protection: The state of the market

Millions of homes are at risk of flooding, yet take-up of property resilience measures still faces a number of barriers. Aquobex examines the market.
property level resilience

Property Level Resilience: A holistic and unique approach from Aquobex

Property Level Resilience (PLR) is a new strategy that aims to address the whole concept of flood mitigation and management.
Cumbrian flood

Flood resilience repair: Lessons from the Cumbrian flood resilient project

This ebook from Aquobex discusses the progress of the Defra-sponsored Cumbrian Flood Resilience Project
Flood mitigation

Passive Flood Barriers

When it comes to getting the best flood protection, the cheapest option may not always be the best.
flood resilience

Aquobex – Flood Resilience?

In this ebook, design and engineering specialist Aquobex looks at how houses can be made more resistant to flooding to prevent water getting in and, if it does, more resilient to help ensure that families can be back in their homes in weeks rather than months.
flood resilience

Testing flood resilience solutions

Aquobex has developed a testing protocol for assessing and rating the performance of different approaches to flood resilience

Speaking in tongues – Deciphering the language of flood resilience for...

Aquobex discuss the terminology and technical jargon of flood resilience to make things clear Most industries and professions are guilty talking jargon; it makes communication...

Temporary Flood Barriers

Aquobex have the two fastest and safest (to deploy) temporary flood barriers in the world, amongst a portfolio that aims to address a wide...

Testing of flood resilient solutions

Aquobex discuss their testing of flood resilient solutions, developing testing protocols in order to asses varying approaches to flooding The flood protection industry is growing...
flood protection solutions

Aquobex Ltd – Flood protection solutions

Aquobex manages the risk from flood reports and assessments through to design, installation, testing and maintenance, delivering flood protection solutions.

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