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False fire alarms cost businesses £1 billion a year

False fire alarms cost businesses one billion a year causing disruption...

BAFE explains why it is vital to have a fit-for-purpose detection system installed to prevent false fire alarms and how this reduces costs in the long term

BAFE – UK fire protection certification

BAFE is the independent, not for profit, third party certification registration body for quality in the UK fire protection industry. All BAFE registered companies...
fire safety

Fire safety on site

Are you the appointed ‘Responsible Person’ for fire safety? BAFE outline how to ensure you implement strong measures to reduce the risk of fire on your site.

PROFILE: Responsible Person Duty of Care for Fire Protection

It is the responsibility of public and commercial property owners to ensure that fire protection is suitable to protect staff, clients and property. It...

SP205 certification for success

PBC Today outlines how the BAFE SP205 UKAS accredited certification scheme can increase business for those offering fire risk assessment services… The SSAIB’s BAFE SP205...

Certifying the assessors

SSAIB Chief Executive Geoff Tate describes the BAFE SP205 UKAS-accredited certification scheme’s aims, what it involves and the benefits to customers and certificated service...