Genuit Group steps up on digital transformation with Cobuilder


Genuit Group implements a centralised data management strategy with the help of Cobuilder as part of its digital transformation

In December 2021, the Genuit Group Plc (formerly Polypipe Group plc), a leading provider of sustainable construction products, signed a strategic agreement with the Norwegian software company Cobuilder to structure and standardise their product data, as part of the Group`s digital transformation strategy.

Through this collaboration, Genuit Group seeks to improve the internal information flow, structuring and standardising data. The information will be aligned and structured according to relevant construction industry standards and regulations. This is an important prerequisite for creating a common digital language and enabling connectivity between internal departments and systems as well as with external stakeholders and software platforms.

By implementing a single-source data management strategy based on standardised data, Genuit Group aims at optimising operational efficiency by reducing manual work invested in data maintenance. Moreover, this new centralised approach to data management will support automation and system integrations, both internally and with external software platforms, offering a better customer experience.

‘The future is digital’

Angel Jimenezdata management strategy, digital innovation director at Genuit Group, said: “At Genuit Group, we are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that make building better.

“The future is digital, and offering high-quality digital data is essential to meet our clients’ expectations.

“I firmly believe that standard-based, machine-readable information will enable our customers to make more environmentally-conscious decisions and increase reuse and recycling of construction products, materials and systems.”

‘Data is a key asset for manufacturers’

Antony Brophydata management strategy, business development director at Cobuilder UK, said: Consistent, accurate and up-to-date product data is a key asset for manufacturers and their supply chain.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to provide Genuit Group with our expertise in data management and support the implementation of new digital technologies.”

The collaboration with Cobuilder will enable Genuit Group to not only optimise their internal data management practices but will improve the information flow across the entire construction supply chain using their products and services. It will ensure that valuable product data reaches all stakeholders from merchants to construction actors, and finally the end-users.

About Cobuilder

Cobuilder is a privately-owned international business located in Oslo and wholly-owned subsidiaries in England, France and Bulgaria. The company offers a software platform that employs all relevant international standards for data management to help construction industry actors exploit the potential of product data. Fit-for-purpose and accurate product data improves quality of service, time to market and reduces time, cost and environmental footprint. Cobuilder is a major driver for the digitization in construction and is a strategic contributor to ISO, buildingSMART, CEN and CENELEC.

About Genuit Group

Here at Genuit Group, we are making the built environment more sustainable by helping create a more resilient planet, society and business. Sustainability is core to our commercial strategy, driving innovation in both how we run our business and the products we create. We find solutions for the environmental challenges facing our infrastructure, our buildings and our communities, and delivering these at scale.

*Please note: this is a commercial profile


Antony Brophy,

Business Development Director

Cobuilder UK




Angel Jimenez

Digital Innovation Director

Genuit Group





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