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escape of water

‘Escape of water’ claims: A modern solution to an old problem

Construction project management specialists, Copronet discusses how making data accessible can save time and money when it comes to escape of water claims.
Project Bank Accounts

Project Bank Accounts: Good news for the supply chain

What are Project Bank Accounts, why are they good news and will everyone welcome them? Copronet explains...
construction industry,

The construction industry: Trade without trust

Construction project management specialists, Copronet says the construction industry must work together rather than against each other.

Subcontractors: Kick ‘em when they’re down

Copronet says the construction industry must ‘stand together’ with subcontractors, as contractors demand rate reductions amid Covid-19 worries.

Construction project management specialists bring teams together

Construction project management specialists, Copronet, takes a look at the 'new normal' for the construction industry as a result of Covid-19.
construction industry,

The case for digitisation of construction has never been clearer

The construction industry is the second least digitised in the world, Copronet makes the case for digitalised construction processes in the wake of Covid-19.
Covid-19, construction industry,

What is more precarious than a knife edge: The construction industry

As codes of conduct relating to payment terms see some improvement, Covid-19 is sadly going to place an unsustainable burden again on the construction supply chain.
Emails and documents with Copronet

Copronet – We love email. Don’t we?

Copronet discuss their solution to searching documents through multiple criteria - helping to keep your construction project moving.
Construction project management

Copronet – Comprehensive construction project management

Copronet provides digital solutions for a changing world - aiding digital construction from document sharing to project management.

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