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home extension in back garden

How can Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) achieve compliance with Part L...

As more homeowners turn to make the most of the space they have, it’s important to remain compliant with the amended Part L building regulations. Find out how Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) can support this.
home extensions

Designing home extensions using SIPs for Part L compliance

SIPs offer a relatively quick win for those conceiving highly insulated homes compliant with Part L Building Regulations 2022, particularly extensions and alterations to existing houses, where ‘more than a tweak’ is needed.
young people into construction

[Video] SIPs: A great way to bring young people into construction...

Schemes to help bring young people into construction have never been more important. Watch this two-minute video to see how SIPs make training easy.
sustainable garden rooms

Building sustainable garden rooms using Hemsec SIPs

SIPs thermal manufacturer, Hemsec, explains the advantages of using SIPs to achieve sustainable and energy efficient garden rooms.
Dutch construction

SIPs support Dutch construction with new energy efficient solutions

Sips Supply in the Netherlands works very closely with Hemsec, whose panels are all manufactured in Britain. Sips Supply has run 200 SIPs projects since 2015 and currently has a new, major programme in the pipeline. Company director Arthur Tromp explains why he uses SIPs, and Hemsec products in particular.
SIPs users

SIPs advice from some of the UK’s most experienced professional users

We hear from experienced SIPs users who nearly always buy SIPs from leading British manufacturer Hemsec - for very good reasons, as they explain.
sips garden rooms

Supply partnership enables continued production of SIPs Garden Rooms

JML SIPs and Hemsec’s supply partnership has enabled continued production of high-quality SIPs-built Garden Rooms.
SIPs training, home office,

Eco-construction training gathers pace with enterprising charity and SIPs manufacturer

Working with disadvantaged young people, the charity Apple Cast will expand its Open Awards SIPs training to adults seeking to build their own garden rooms and home offices.

All set for take-off as Hemsec helps to grow the UK...

One of the UK’s largest – and the longest-standing – insulated panel manufacturers sets ambitious plans for growth with new team members.

Hemsec donates SIPs to construction skills project

Insulated panel manufacturer Hemsec is donating £1,000 worth of structurally insulated panels (SIPs) to charity Apple Cast, to support its partnership in a new construction project.

How insulated metal-faced panels influence UK commercial construction

This new ebook from Hemsec looks at insulated metal-faced panels (IMPs) and explains how these often-overlooked materials can make a major difference to commercial construction in the UK.

Growth in demand for SIPs-built garden rooms & home offices

Hemsec responds to significant growth in demand as homeowners turn to structural insulated panels (SIPs)-built garden rooms and home offices.
Modern methods of construction, MMC, Hemsec

Industry must provide documented evidence to support MMC

MMC projects employ a set of relatively new skills in UK construction. Hemsec examines the need for greater skills in estimating for MMC, and for a range of documented evidence of the benefits, to support the delivery of these new methods and the products used.

The future for SIPs is brighter than ever

Significant growth for structural insulated panels (SIPs), as clients seek to construct energy-efficient homes and reduce running costs.
Panel manufacturer, commercial building,

A very British solution for constructing better commercial buildings

Despite the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed due to Covid-19, some construction sites remain closed because of an inability to source materials from abroad. Which is where British manufacturers come in.
structural insulated panels,

Interested in insulated panels for MMC – and need to know...

UK manufacturer of structural insulated panels, Hemsec has partnered with NBS to help industry professionals design and specify the optimum solution using National BIM online library.
buildings, Covid-19,

How will buildings change post Covid-19?

There will be a need to repurpose and redesign buildings, as well as increase space as a result of the current global pandemic, according to a growing number of industry insights.

Why SIPs are crucial to the future of the UK construction...

This ebook from Hemsec looks in detail at Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs) and why they are crucial to the future of the UK construction industry.
Insulated panel manufacturer,

Insulated panel manufacturer to support urgent building projects

Insulated panel manufacturer Hemsec has changed its production schedules to help organisations and businesses cope with the public health emergency.
Structurally Insulated Panels, SIPs

Hemsec calls for industry to increase use of SIPs

Hemsec and partners Atom Consultants challenge the construction industry to increase the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), following its successful application in many projects.
composite insulated panels, Sarah Gazzola,

Manufacturer of composite insulated panels appoints new sales manager

Manufacturers of composite insulated panels, Hemsec, has appointed Sarah Gazzola as its news sales manager, as the company targets further growth.
Composite panels

Against brick walls: Metal-faced composite panels for construction

Modern Methods of Construction are a new broom sweeping through the UK building sector, with traditional brick walls starting to get brushed aside, according to a growing number of industry players.
SIPs, hemsec, modern methods of construction,

Why SIPs are crucial to the future of the UK construction...

Manufacturers of composite insulated panels in the UK, Hemsec, discusses the importance of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in the construction industry.
Modular construction, SIPs,

SIPs are coming to the fore in modular construction

There is no question that a contractor can construct better quality buildings, build them faster and provide exceptional eco-benefits, using Hemsec SIPs.
Jo Cunningham, Hemsec

Hemsec continues to strengthen team on customer front

Hemsec has strengthened its team with the appointment of Jo Cunningham, who has been part of Hemsec for 11 years, from sales administration to internal sales.

MIND YOUR HEAD campaign to launch at UKCW2019

The MIND YOUR HEAD campaign is set to launch with a unique “MATERIAL SUPPORT” exhibition at UK Construction Week 2019.

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