Flame Retardant Wood Panels

Specification guide: Flame retardant wood panels

In Part One of this specification guide to flame retardant wood panels, innovative timber product specialist MEDITE SMARTPLY offers a comprehensive overview of the terminology covering these materials and related fire testing standards.
Building safety, safeguarding building, timber panel

Stop the spread: Safeguarding buildings against fire

As the construction industry gets back to work, there is an opportunity to put a renewed focus on building safety for both workers and occupants, says MEDITE SMARTPLY sales director Richard Allen.
Timber frame construction

Timber frame construction and sustainability

Richard Allen, sales director at specialist timber panel manufacturer MEDITE SMARTPLY, explores how timber frame construction could help us rise to sustainability challenges.
green building, Sustainable timber construction panel

The importance of green building to promote wellbeing and sustainability

Sustainable timber construction panel manufacturer, MEDITE SMARTPLY explores the importance of a green building rating system to promote wellbeing and sustainability.
Structural OSB panel, Passivhaus project,

Structural OSB panel facilitates energy efficient Passivhaus project

High-performance Max Fordham House has been completed to the highest energy saving standards with structural OSB panel, SMARTPLY PROPASSIV.
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Can offsite construction be the answer to our green ambitions?

Construction 2025, the joint government and industry strategy, outlines some extremely ambitious targets for the UK construction sector. MEDITE SMARTPLY explores how offsite construction could be the answer to our green ambitions.
offsite construction, MEDITE SMARTPLY,

SMARTPLY ULTIMA and SMARTPLY FR: The offsite solutions

With offsite construction on the rise as a more efficient, high quality and sustainable option for delivering affordable housing, MEDITE SMARTPLY highlights some of its groundbreaking products.
Swedish recovery centre uses sustainable timber construction panels,

Swedish recovery centre uses sustainable timber construction panels

A hospital facility in Norrland, Sweden has been renovated extensively with sustainable timber construction panels, owing to the belief that natural materials help people heal better.
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Can MDF help you achieve a healthier home?

Today’s environmentally aware society is revolutionising the way we think about building, construction and design.
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The construction industry can set a new standard

As the wider construction industry becomes increasingly focused on building with the end-user in mind, construction professionals face an opportunity to set a new standard for building safer, healthier homes and workplace.
acoustic wood panels, MEDITE PREMIER,

MEDITE PREMIER FR in the Central Bank of Ireland

A show-stopping demonstration of success: The Central Bank of Ireland has been renovated with MEDITE PREMIER FR for their acoustic wood panels.
sustainable timber construction panels, MEDITE SMARTPLY, PATTRESS PLUS,

PATTRESS PLUS installation at Queensferry High School

The use of SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS makes installation faster and safer at Queensferry High School, completed by Keyes Brothers Construction.
MEDITE PREMIER, Contemporary Cartography Exhibition, wood panel,

MEDITE PREMIER attends Cartography Exhibition

Installations made from MEDITE PREMIER showcase Contemporary Cartography at the Building Centre’s Contemporary Cartography Exhibition.