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How can weather data enhance BEM and real-time building management?

Integrating weather data into smart building management systems can save energy, improve the indoor environment and reduce climate impact.
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Weather and climate data within BIM for safe and efficient construction

The Met Office and BIM today have been looking at the integration of weather and climate data across the construction project lifecycle. In this edition, we look at the next step of how data can be used to support the project delivery and build.
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Helping you design weather and climate resilient buildings

The benefits of taking account of weather and climate data at the design stage of a building project extend through the building lifecycle. It can reduce costs, time, energy and effort throughout the life of your asset.
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The integration of weather and climate data across the construction lifecycle

Integrating accurate weather and climate data into BIM can cut costs for construction projects in the planning and development stage, as well as mitigating the longer-term climate challenges of tomorrow.
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The Met Office – Weather services for building project managers

Relevant weather and climate information is vital for health and safety and operational efficiency on the UK’s building projects.

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