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fire risk

Fire risk assessment: Why Orbit chose award-winning Automist

Orbit Group first commissioned approved Automist installer Firemist to retrofit Plumis’ watermist fire suppression system at a basement flat in Leamington Spa following the recommendations of a person-centred fire risk assessment.
watermist suppression

Fire suppression for modular homes

Yusuf Muhammad, co-founder and chief design officer at Plumis, explains to PBC Today the benefits of using watermist suppression to protect modular homes.
Modern methods of construction

Modern homes require modern solutions

Tackling the housing crisis requires innovation and the willingness to do things differently.

Automist – Intelligent Fire Suppression from Plumis

Automist by Plumis is an award-winning fire suppression system, designed for cost efficient construction of modular homes.

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