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digitalisation in construction

The price: A key barrier to digital transformation in construction

The heavy upfront price that companies have to pay for a new digital solution is a big factor in the slow adaptation of digital tools in the construction industry.
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The importance of a site diary for everyday construction activities

A frustrating part of a subcontractor’s job is getting paid. It can be difficult to prove a piece of work has been done, so a site diary is a must.
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Paper diaries vs digital diaries in construction

Even though both paper diaries and digital diaries in construction both have their pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons on digital. In the industry today, site workers see filling paper diaries as a real pain.
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Interoperability: The key to construction productivity

In the world of construction, interoperable software can prove an invaluable asset to a wide range of tradespeople and professionals. But what exactly does the term ‘interoperable’ mean?
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Case study: How Costain’s site engineers benefit from a digital site...

Having a detailed daily site diary is essential for any construction project in case there is a claim/dispute down the road. Paper diaries often take too much time to complete and are sometimes not accurate; a better option is using an app to record the day’s activities and observations on the go.
site digital twin

Site Digital Twin: Physical vs digital worksites

A site digital twin could help to avoid duplication of data across platforms and ensure project information is up-to-date.

Digitisation in the construction industry

Script&Go discuss making environmental, health and safety and quality management compliance in construction easier using digital solutions

Facilitating collaborative working in construction

Script & Go discuss the need for collaborative work in the construction industry, something that is crucial in today's industry There has been a global...

Site Diary – electronic contemporaneous record capture on site

COMIT discuss their implementation of electronic contemporaneous record capture as part of their site diary solution to meet industry requirements
Using BatiScript

BatiScript: Intuitive construction software to meet UK quality management needs

Script&Go’s BatiScript supports improved communication and collaboration, saving time and boosting productivity for everyone involved in quality assurance and quality control.

Improving productivity in housebuilding through BatiScript

Mobile, hand-held technology fostering greater collaboration and efficiency could have a crucial role in boosting productivity in housebuilding.

Groupe Lamotte reviews 5 years implementation of BatiScript

Groupe Lamotte discusses 5 years use of BatiScript, the intuitive defect management solution for property site management, by Script&Go Founded in 1955, Groupe Lamotte is a...

Script&Go to present at the 2018 COMIT Annual Conference

Later this month, Script&Go’s founder and CEO, Benôit Jeannin will be speaking on the 1st day of the forthcoming 2-day COMIT Annual Conference (#COMIT2018) in London and will be addressing a range of construction and technology stakeholders on issues relating to this year’s conference theme: “Digital Construction, Lighting the Way.”
mobile digital solutions

Intuitive mobile digital solutions play a vital part in digital transformation

Intuitivity, mobility and digital transformation are critical dimensions of our world today. In an interview, Benoît Jeannin, Script&Go’s founder and CEO, calls for deeper consideration of the need for digital transformation
mobile digital solutions

Whitepaper reveals how to improve construction productivity through mobile digital solutions

Script&Go release a whitepaper highlighting how stakeholders in the construction and infrastructure sector can improve their productivity through the use of mobile digital solutions

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