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Even though both paper diaries and digital diaries in construction both have their pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons on digital. In the industry today, site workers see filling paper diaries as a real pain

It is the end of the day and you have written down all the occurrences on site for the day. You have also recorded some visitor information and other things related to the project you are working on for quick referencing. Other members of the team are not aware of these events that you have written down so now, you have to bring this information to the office for it to be reviewed and approved by the site manager. This process takes a lot of time hence most people don’t do it. Site workers who use paper diaries have to go through this process on a daily basis.

The Site Diary app will solve this problem, which field workers face every day. Site Diary replaces existing paper diaries, daily records or journals, where leaders record events that occurred on their projects. Events that are recorded are synchronised in real-time with all members of the team, therefore, events can be approved quickly and issues can be resolved much faster.

What are the pros and cons of using paper?


  • Easy to use and fill out.
  • No training is required to get started.
  • Paper cost cents to print.


  • Very long process to remember what happened, fill and store.
  • Photos are not linked to an event.
  • Can easily get lost or damaged.
  • Cannot be used for collaboration.
  • Nothing can be automated, eg weather.

One of the biggest barriers to digital diaries in construction is the upfront cost and the offline availability as most sites are in remote areas with little to no connectivity.

That is why we made the Site Diary app available for offline use. Therefore, the app will display existing events and store any new events added. All the data will be synchronised automatically once the worker is connected to the internet. Plus, Site Diary app comes at a low entry fee.

With Site Diary app, the weather report is automatically recorded based on your location or the site location. Plus, you can attach as many photos as you would like to a diary entry.

Data is automatically backed-up and stored securely in the cloud, enabling collaboration between users on-site and in the office. Whenever you need an old diary entry, just use the search bar or filters to find it. No more wasting time search file cabinets for old diaries.

We make event reporting on your field projects quicker, simpler and smarter.

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