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cloud-based construction software

How can cloud-based construction software resolve the industry’s financial crisis?

After fighting through the pandemic, construction remains under financial pressure. Here, The Access Group discusses how cloud-based construction software could be the solution to the industry's woes.
financial crisis in construction

Is there a financial crisis in construction?

The Access Group looks at whether there is a financial crisis in construction and how integrated, cloud-based construction software solutions can help alleviate the economic pressures experienced by many in the industry.
construction project costs

How can digital systems help to manage construction project costs?

As construction project costs continue to rise, Carol Massay, head of construction at the Access Group, explores how digital systems can help businesses manage their budgets.
pitfalls for construction

Pitfalls for construction in 2022

This ebook from Access Construction examines the challenges the industry has faced over the last couple of years and how companies can avoid some of the pitfalls ahead in 2022.
digital transformation

Time and attendance technology: Embracing digital transformation for FM

Recently, we caught up with Christian Berenger, Head of Workforce Management at Ezitracker (part of the ERP division within The Access Group) to discover how they support digital transformation in the Facilities Management sector and beyond.
Excel spreadsheets

Disadvantages of Excel spreadsheets in construction management

Top disadvantages of Excel spreadsheets in construction management. What’s the cost to your business if all your spreadsheets got deleted today?
ERP technology

How EasyBuild’s ERP technology supports the construction sector

We sat down with Matt Mussell, group finance director at the Joseph Gallagher Group and Carol Massay, Head of Construction at the Access Group, to discuss how EasyBuild’s ERP technology supports the construction sector.
construction software

How Access Construction Software supports contractors

Find out how Access Construction is helping main contractors and subcontractors streamline and improve efficiency with cloud hosting, estimating and ERP software solutions.
cost value reconciliation

How to handle building material shortages with cost value reconciliation

Kate Waterfield, marketing manager at the Access Group, explores how to handle material shortages in construction with cost value reconciliation (CVR).
Great British Business Woman Awards

Construction businesswoman of the year: Diversity, women & new entrants

We spoke with Carol Massay, head of construction at the Access Group and winner of the ‘Construction businesswoman of the year’ at the Great British Business Woman Awards, to discuss her journey in the industry, as she sheds light on women, diversity and new entrants coming into construction.
Construction flexible working

Construction needs to get serious about flexible working

Construction needs to make itself more attractive to new entrants, and flexible working has a leading role to play, according to The Access Group.
housing crisis

The future of housebuilding and construction

In this new ebook, the Access Group argues that the lack of supply, when combined with emerging challenges and barriers at home and internationally, mean the construction industry must now accept that the old ways of working alone are not going to solve the problem.
mobile reporting, construction site,

How important is mobile reporting on the modern construction site?

The evolution of technology has given way to the world of mobile reporting. So why is it important on the modern construction site? The Access Group investigates the vital roles mobile reporting now plays.
uk housing construction

The future of UK housing and the construction industry

In this article, The Access Group talks about the future of UK housing and the construction industry, and explores how housebuilders can prepare as we look ahead.
construction industry 2021

5 challenges the construction industry is facing in 2021

Being in the construction industry is an endless battle between pleasing the client and facing external challenges. As we now approach the end of the last round of lockdown restrictions (hopefully), The Access Group takes a look at the challenges in the construction industry in 2021.
modular construction, Access ConQuest,

Perfect fit: The rise of modular construction

John Leitch is bid manager at M-AR Ltd and has used Access ConQuest for more than 27 years. As demand for housing, particularly affordable homes, soars, he explains how offsite construction can provide greater cost certainty and faster delivery times.
erp technology construction

How cloud-based ERP technology is changing the construction industry

With the ever-evolving world of technology, cloud-based ERP such as EasyBuild, has seen a massive uptake by organisations. So why is this the case?
materials shortages, housebuilding,

New approach vital to conquer materials shortage delays and tight margins

With increasing pressure on deadlines and margins, how can the housebuilding industry adapt its approach to mitigate the impact of these unprecedented factors? Here, Carol Massay, head of construction at The Access Group, explains the role of technology in keeping construction on track.
End-to-end visibility

Delivering End-to-End visibility in construction

This ebook from The Access Group looks at the challenging conditions for construction over the past year, both in terms of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and in navigating a complex supply chain picture.
comstruction project,

End-to-end visibility: The importance of total project overview

In uncertain and challenging times, having access to accurate, reliable and up-to-date information is vital in helping project teams react and adapt to often quickly changing conditions on site.
Access All Areas 2021

Access All Areas 2021

Taking place on 9-19 March,  Access All Areas is a free ten-day virtual event that is open to all Access customers and other selected business professionals.
Women in Construction

Carol Massay announced as finalist for Women in Construction Award

Having recently been announced as a finalist for the Women in Construction Award, 2021 we spoke to Carol Massay at the Access Group to discuss her 30-year career.
technology and software

Walking the razor’s edge: Data to boost margins and productivity

This ebook from The Access Group takes a look at how harnessing data and software can ensure companies can respond faster to opportunities, can bid for work with confidence and, ultimately, frees up the QS to do what they do best.
Estimating software

Building confidence with accurate project costing

Construction is playing a leading role in the UK’s economic recovery but in an uncertain world, accurately forecasting costs and keeping them on track can be tricky. With new opportunities on the cards, forward-thinking firms are using digital technology, including estimating software, to win more tenders and improve the profitability of projects, as Andy Day, estimating, take off & surveying software consultant from Access Construction, explains.
Construction contract,

Construction contract issues & what to do about them

Want to avoid construction contract issues? Find out how with this simple guide by EasyBuild, and keep your projects running smoothly.
estimating software

Contractor CNG chooses ConQuest for digitally-led vision

As digital adoption continues to grow in the construction industry, main contractor CNG has put technology at the centre of its operations. Launching in...

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