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Construction Talk Podcast Banner

Construction Talk Podcast: How to drive digital adoption in construction SMEs

In this episode of Construction Talk, Peter Haddock and Chris Grant, Partnership Manager at Digital Construction Skills, talk about Chris’ role in the CITB funded programme, which helps to support construction SMEs in Scotland.
levelling up agenda

How public sector procurement aids the levelling up agenda

In this ebook, LHC looks at the role public sector procurement plays in the government's levelling up agenda.
levelling up agenda

LHC report says improved housing and public sector procurement is key...

The LHC report outlines the key role public sector procurement can play in the government's levelling up agenda.
cyberattacks in construction

How to mitigate cyberattacks in construction

PCB Today speaks with José Pinos, head of security at Atech, about cyberattacks in construction and the approaches to take to prevent them.
Scottish construction SMEs

Scottish Construction SMEs embrace digital

Scottish Construction SMEs embrace digital in effort to maximise the benefit of new technology and and aid business growth.
civil engineering frameworks

SCAPE sets out timeline for its £4bn civil engineering frameworks

SCAPE has put forward its £4bn civil engineering frameworks with UK contractors now able to respond to a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).
barriers to housebuilding

Removing the barriers to housebuilding

A new House of Lords Built Environment Committee report calls for government action on planning, SMEs and barriers to housebuilding for the elderly to address the UK's housing crisis. Committee chair Baroness Neville-Rolfe DBE CMG discusses its conclusions.
construction businesses

Free grant and support scheme to help SME construction businesses to...

A recent report from the House of Lords has highlighted a “collapse” in construction industry participation by SMEs. I-Construct offers a range of opportunities to help businesses in the sector – and its supply chain – to grow.
i-construct innovation hub

I-Construct Hub for construction innovation opens in Essex

A new centre for construction innovation is now open in Essex. The new I-Construct Innovation Hub is an example of how offsite construction methods can support build and operation to meet BREEAM Excellent standards of sustainability.
Benchmarking Study

ACE Benchmarking Study reveals pandemic damage

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has published its Benchmarking study for 2021 revealing the damage caused by the pandemic.
Meeting housing demand

Meeting housing demand report calls for gov to act on housing...

The Lords Built Environment Committee has published its Meeting housing demand report and calls on the Government to act on planning, SMEs and housing for the elderly to address the housing crisis.
digital tools

2022 will see more construction firms turning to digital tools

Richard Warley, CEO of BigChange, shares his thoughts on why more construction firms, particularly SMEs, will turn to digital tools to grow stronger in 2022.
Construction wish-list

CICV Forum members reveal construction ‘wish-list’ going into 2022

In 2021, the Scottish construction industry moved from crisis to recovery and rebuilding. The Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum look at their 2022 construction wish-list with a positive frame of mind.
centre of excellence for construction innovation

£2.3 million centre of excellence for construction innovation opens

I-Construct, a £2.3 million centre of excellence for construction innovation has opened in Braintree, 15 months after building work began.
SME developers

Dark clouds for SME developers

SME developers play a crucial role in UK housing delivery. They are more nimble than their larger counterparts, often more innovative, and able to transform smaller sites that get overlooked.
Leeds affordable housing scheme

Wates Construction begins work on Leeds affordable housing scheme

Wates Construction has started work on a new £40m Leeds affordable housing scheme in Middleton.
construction startups

Top 50 construction startups list revealed

CEMEX Ventures has published its top 50 construction startups list for 2021, featuring the top 50 solutions from the construction technology ecosystem.
net zero designs

Only 19% of large consultancy clients consider net zero designs

Latest figures from the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) reveal that only 19% of large consultancy and 24% of SME clients ask for net zero designs.
smes digital transformation

What support do construction SMEs need for with digital transformation?

Saffron Grant, managing director at Digital Construction Skills, discusses the crucial support SMEs need to help with their digital transformation journey.
Decarbonisation framework, Fusion21

Fusion21 begins hunt for contractors to join £750m decarbonisation framework

Fusion21 has begun the hunt for bidders to join its £750m national decarbonisation framework.
consultants framework

112 specialist firms appointed to £120m Consultants Framework

Fusion21 has revealed the 112 successful suppliers appointed to its £120m national Consultants Framework to support more than 100 projects a year.
construction materials shortage

Materials and labour shortages threaten subcontractors’ recovery

Subcontractors across the UK are struggling to take advantage of the economy reopening, as rising costs and lack of availability of raw materials threatens business.
construction modern slavery

More action needed by construction SMEs to combat modern slavery

More action is needed by construction SMEs to tackle modern slavery, according to research carried out by CHAS and the University of Nottingham Rights Lab.
net zero SMEs,

ACE releases new guide to help SMEs adapt to net zero...

A new net zero guide targeted at SMEs working in the built environment has been jointly released by the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) and the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC).

Partnership to explore 5G’s potential in property and infrastructure sectors

The new programme sees BAM Nuttall and AE Aerospace, working with 5PRING, to set a series of challenges for innovative start-ups and SMEs to solve using 5G.
Material shortages, supply problems

Construction delays and material shortages due to Covid-19

With material shortages and price increases currently affecting the construction industry, Simon Dunkling of Arbicon warns of the importance for contractors, subcontractors and building employers to check their construction contract provisions and protect themselves against the impact of Covid-19.