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Structural warranty. water ingress,

Structural warranty: Reducing the risks of water ingress

This ebook from Premier Guarantee looks at how to reduce the risk of water ingress through proper design and workmanship, as well as the correct installation of building elements.
waterproofing materials

A guide to waterproofing materials in construction

Michael Jones, National waterproofing manager at Peter Cox outlines a range of waterproofing materials in construction, and the benefits they can bring if used correctly.
E-Learning platform

Sika expands E-Learning platform to improve trade skills

Sika has expanded its E-Learning platform, which will include on-demand webinars, aimed at giving customers greater insights into a range of practices and products in the waterproofing, roofing and concrete refurbishment sector.
mould growth

Rising risk of mould growth and how to prevent it this...

Mould can impact businesses through a number of obstacles, including health, financial costs, and time out of operating. Stuart Kerr, Managing Director, Restorations UK, details how to prevent, spot and remove mould.
Waterproof concrete

Waterproofing English hospitals

Cementaid Everdure CALTITE System Hydrophobic and Pore‐blocking Ingredient (HPI) for membrane‐free, truly waterproof structural concrete.
Waterproof concrete (caltite system, caltite concrete)

Reinforced waterproof concrete and corrosion protection for seawater aquariums

Cementaid Everdure CALTITE System Hydrophobic and Pore‐blocking Ingredient (HPI) for membrane‐free, truly waterproof concrete.
Flood resilience solution, FloodRecover solution,

FloodRecover: Flood resilience solutions for all property owners

Aquobex discusses the launch of the FloodRecover brand and portfolio, a holistic flood resilience solution to enable cost-effective and insurable flood resilient repairs to properties of all types.
river thames scheme

Funding approved for £501m River Thames flood scheme

The outline business case has been approved for the £501m River Thames scheme which will deliver flood protection to thousands of homes across Surrey.
Translink bridge, railway bridge

Innovative solution fast tracks Translink’s bridge programme

Graham has completed part of a railway bridge replacement and refurbishment works programme, incorporating a 72-hour single event possession, on the Ballymena to Coleraine rail line.
UK universities,

Expansion and modernisation of UK universities

With ever-increasing competition to maintain or improve their position within the university rankings system, universities are constantly having to modernise and improve. This has involved building numerous new facilities, many of which extend below ground.
Olympic Steps

VolkerFitzpatrick unveils new Olympic Steps at Wembley Park

VolkerFitzpatrick gathered with Quintain and Wembley Stadium stakeholders to celebrate the newly constructed Olympic Steps at the National Stadium.
Floating House, Caltite concrete

Cementaid’s Everdure Caltite System makes the Floating House possible

The Floating House on the River Thames at Marlow has been made possible by Cementaid’s Everdure Caltite System Hydrophobic and Pore-blocking Ingredient (HPI) for membrane-free, truly waterproof structural concrete.
Flood resistance, flood resilience, flood damage, risk of flooding

How to guard properties from flood damage

With more than 5m properties in England at risk of flooding, Catherine Hill of Peter Cox examines the options for protecting properties from rising waters and how to recover if the worst happens.
Concrete, Cementaid Everdure CALTITE System

Wastewater treatment and the Cementaid Everdure CALTITE System

Wastewater treatment plants are among the harshest environments for concrete, where there are many causes that degrade concrete and once this process starts, its effects are usually rapid.
insulation products, Actis Hybrid, PCR Projects

Actis to provide insulation for all PCR Projects’ developments

Surrey-based PCR Projects, a home counties property developer has decided to use Actis Hybrid insulation products on all of its future developments.
escape of water claims, social housing,

Research reveals escape of water problem in social housing

Zurich is calling on the government to increase investment in maintenance of the UK’s social housing stock, as analysis reveals there is a worrying trend in escape of water claims.
Louvre systems,

Specifying architectural louvre systems for buildings

Effective louvre specification requires more than just going with the (air)flow, says Andy Moul, technical support manager at Construction Specialities (CS).
Toddbrook Reservoir,

Arup wins design contract for Toddbrook Reservoir

The Canal & River Trust charity has appointed Arup to design the permanent repair of Toddbrook Reservoir, following damage sustained to the dam’s spillway in August 2019.

Government unveils new £5.2bn investment to tackle flooding

The government has revealed its long-term plan to tackle the risks of flooding and coastal erosion.
Breathable Membrane, building envelope,

Keeping your building envelope safe during COVID-19

Breathable Membranes can keep your building envelope safe whilst you keep safe in these challenging times, says A Proctor Group.
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital,

The involvement of Cementaid in Scotland’s new hospitals

Cementaid discuss their role in construction of Europe’s largest single-site medical facility: The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow.
protecting buildings,

Protecting buildings from the effects of ice and freezing temperatures

Richard Walker, national technical and development manager at Peter Cox, offers some tips on protecting buildings from the effects of freezing weather.
concrete, admixtures,

The use of admixtures to waterproof concrete: Part 8

In his latest article, James McDonald of Cementaid looks at the issue of curing concrete, structural defects and the importance of knowing how to avoid problems occurring in the first place.
Active Flood Seal, StormMeister,

StormMeister: Active Flood Seal

In this ebook, StormMeister, looks at the company's history and explains how the Active Flood Seal works to ensure doors or barriers stay watertight.
Georgian terraces, Northumberland Square,

Landmark renovations underway on Georgian terraces in North Shields

Peter Cox has been drafted in to carry out essential maintenance work for homes in Grade II Listed Georgian terraces in Northumberland Square, North Shields.
The Weston, RIBA Yorkshire Awards, Bretton Hall

SFS’s The Weston wins four RIBA Yorkshire Awards

The Weston at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park has won four RIBA Yorkshire Awards and has now been shortlisted for the 2019 RIBA Stirling prize.

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