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Soft landings

What value can BIM/Soft Landings offer the sector?

Mike Packham, Partner of Bernard Williams Associates, outlines the value behind BIM/soft landings and highlights the difficulties interpreting COBie

BIM proficiency – the personal and professional rewards 

Pauline Traetto, Director of BRE Academy outlines how the organisation is helping train the next generation and why BIM proficiency is so important

Crossrail utilises 3D Repo BIM app to digitally manage assets

Cloud software firm 3D Repo has begun development on a new mobile app that will enable Crossrail to digitally manage its assets

BuildingSMART UKI: what’s new and what’s ahead for the next year?

Nick Nisbet, Vice-Chair of BuildingSMART UKI, provides a brief update on the progress of the organisation in addition to this year’s priorities
Solibri Model Checker

Solibri Model Checker – getting it right first time

Solibri speak to Michael Palm, HKP Architects BIM expert about his experiences using Solibri Model Checker and how it's shaping large construction projects
Standardised product information

Standardised product information confusion cleared up by industry bodies

BESA, CIBSE, and the CPA have come together to clear up mounting confusion surrounding the process of standardised product information and its use in BIM
cyber attack

 Cyber attack: is your building at risk of criminal threats?

A new survey has revealed 39 per cent of respondents do not protect smart buildings against the threat of a cyber attack
standardised product data

Standardised product data – the BIMHawk solution

Carl Collins, CIBSE Digital Engineering Consultant, explains how BIMHawk will speed up the development and adoption of standardised product data
digital transformation

Digital transformation: Where in the BIM are you on your journey?

Do you know what step your firm has reached on the path to digital transformation? John Eynon, Consultant, Open Water Consulting explains the stages
Generative design

Generative design focuses on aesthetics and performance to create quality

Rachel Waite, Business Development Manager, FenestraPro discusses the importance of performance led generative design for AEC

Concrete customers can benefit from new software that ensures efficiency

Trimble understands how concrete customers work and is constantly developing its Tekla software to help. Ismail Makda, Business Development Manager explains
BIM show live

BIM Show Live reveals two new keynote speakers for its line up

Mark Shayler and Nell Watson have joined the BIM Show Live 2017 programme as keynote speakers for the event

BIM capabilities showcased on Cambridge University project

A new building planned for the University of Cambridge will use cutting edge BIM technology during the construction process

£185,000,000: Is this the cost of delivering COBie UK?

Paul Oakley, Director BIM at BRE talks about the cost of COBie and the challenges associated with utilising the schema