Health & Safety News

Health & Safety News

Homes developer is handed a fine after ignoring the advice of a HSE Inspector

Homes developer is handed a fine after ignoring the advice of a HSE Inspector

A homes developer has received a fine for exposing its workers to danger after failing to heed warnings given by a HSE Inspector
serious injuries

Serious injuries sustained by four workers leads to fine for London construction firm

A London-based construction firm has received a £450,000 fine after four workers sustained serious injuries while working at height

Copper could help improve hygiene during the project design and construction phase

Guidelines on indoor hygiene for new build and renovation projects have been issued, with copper at the forefront as an effective antimicrobial material
safety failings

Safety failings behind steel worker losing leg in crane incident

Poor crane maintenance and safety failings were blamed for an incident that led to a worker losing his leg below the knee
Construction equipment

Construction equipment hire firm fined after a worker is killed

A Warwickshire-based construction equipment hire company has been prosecuted for safety failings following the death of an employee AGD Equipment, based in Warwickshire, has received an £800,000 fine after a worker was killed. The worker, 49-year-old Mark Seward had only been in the employ of the firm for 16 days when...
construction worker

Construction worker injury at Aberdeen development sees project halted

The fall of a construction worker saw work halted on a multimillion pound Morgan Sindall development in Aberdeen
highways construction safety

Highways construction safety to be tested using virtual reality app

A new virtual reality app has been developed by 3D Repo to ensure highways construction safety and train users to avoid onsite accidents
prison sentence

Prison sentence for building boss after young worker receives serious burns

The director of a construction firm has received an eight month prison sentence after a worker suffered substantial burns to his legs and arms

Asbestos removal contractor fined for failing to protect staff

A firm has been fined after it failed to protect workers during asbestos removal work at separate projects
fencing contractor

Fencing contractor prosecuted for safety failings after post hits worker

Suspended sentences have been handed to the two owners of a fencing contractor firm after a worker was injured by a falling post
water supply

Contractor fined nearly £5,000 for tampering with the water supply

A Liverpool contractor has been handed a fine for illegally tampering with the public water supply during the construction of an apartment block

Asbestos removal carried out by highly experienced professionals

Michael George, of Mick George Ltd outlines the scope of its new environmental division and the services offered by the firm to safely remove asbestos…
safety failings

Safety failings lead to fines of more than £400,000 for three firms

A worker falling from height has led to three companies receiving fines of more than £400,000 after health and safety failings were found
deadly skin cancer

Deadly skin cancer is a serious risk for builders, says new study

Working outside increases the chance of developing deadly skin cancer, with builders said to be in the group most at risk