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Too many companies are realising only a fraction of their technology capabilities because of a lack of practical, interactive training. Man and Machine’s BIM Ready programme aims to change that

The challenge with BIM is not the technology. Technology has been here for ages to allow companies to implement BIM effectively. The challenge is that BIM needs real cultural change within the industry to positively impact the construction marketplace. This includes employers recognising that people will need to use technologies in different ways.

But for those executives, leaders and project managers who don’t understand the possibilities or value to be gained from BIM technologies that are available today, where do they learn? Enter Man and Machine.

Man and Machine has launched its second generation of BIM courses through its BIM Ready programme, in recognition that BIM is role-specific (it’s different for architects, engineers, product manufacturers, costs estimators and so on). You can find out more here:

Phil Read, Managing Director of Man and Machine, explains:


“We have learned that your experience, interaction or perception of BIM is personal to your job role and we aim to provide training that is role-specific. BIM projects are defined clearly by the range of BIM use cases being implemented, so we use a series of hands-on exercises, demonstrations and show-and-tell sessions to bring the possibilities and use cases to life.

“What we are also seeing now is that software vendors in the BIM world, like Autodesk, have started providing BIM use case software components free of charge. For example, in Autodesk’s recent announcement with regard to their Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Collection, they have added significant functionality at no additional charge. The extra software components include Robot Structural Analysis, Advanced Steel, Fabrication MEP, Dynamo studio and Revit Live. These components support BIM use cases such as visualisation, 3D authoring, coordination, structural analysis, offsite manufacture and so on.

“In our BIM Ready training programme, we demonstrate these technologies to ensure clients understand the possibilities. Many companies already have the technology and, through our BIM Ready programme, we aim to demonstrate its value and provide adoption training enabling our customers to put their software to good use in practical ways on their projects.”

It’s comforting to know that service providers like Man and Machine are starting to offer practical, interactive training. For too long now, companies have been buying technology that they only use a fraction of because they have insufficient access to “adoption-related training”. Man and Machine’s BIM Ready programme certainly seems to be a step in the right direction.

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