Asbestos management: Who you gonna call?


The use of asbestos has been banned since 1999 but many buildings predating the change still contain this potentially deadly material. Mick George Ltd, a specialist in all forms of asbestos management, is on the case with a new helpline to offer advice, support and solutions

Asbestos seems to be a forbidden topic of discussion when it comes to tradesmen and the construction industry in general, and could consequently be the reason for the dramatic uplift in fly-tipping instances – in excess of 3,222 occurrences this year alone, costing more than £1m to clear.

Possible motives behind such ‘intrigue’ could be multifaceted, but most likely a result of the cost implications, practicalities and legal requirements in handling and disposing of the substance, or even just a negligence in visual recognition that a material contains asbestos. Either way, all who come in to contact with the material would be urged not to be naïve and err on the side of caution.

It is for good reason that there are such stringent regulations in place when it comes to all things asbestos, most notably the escalating awareness of the fatal diseases associated with the material, which subsequently contributed to a ban on its use in 1999.

Its commonality owes largely to its stabilising, sound absorbent and heat-resistant capabilities, which historically made it a popular choice in residential and commercial developments for a whole range of products, ranging from decorative ceilings to vinyl floor tiles, and much more.

Although asbestos has technically become redundant since its ban, domestic and commercial properties that were built prior to 2000 still contain one of six types of asbestos that exist from the various components used in their construction. Ultimately, this situation needs urgently assessing, which will see continued activity in this area.

To prevent any further negative coverage, one company looking to rectify the cause is Mick George Ltd, who specialise in all aspects of asbestos management. The business has vowed to offer advice, support and solutions to those seeking assistance, via a dedicated helpline, which is available to all.

Accredited by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Mick George Ltd is qualified to complete surveys, analysis, removal and carriage of contaminated materials, as well as more complex requests to encapsulate, repair or cleanse, so are particularly well placed to help.

The provision could also be helpful to councils, housing associations and/or public landlords, to offer a manned response service, which will assist with the filtering of related calls. Many of whom have publicly received scrutiny for their failure to meet the stipulated five-day turnaround for asbestos site clearance.

Michael George, Contracts Director at Mick George Ltd, commented: “There are many complicated logistics involved with asbestos management that many are fearful of facing up to, are unaware of or simply just ignore. We’re anticipating that the helpline will overcome such issues and will be a welcomed service that many can benefit from.”

George continued: “Our industry experience, as well as the partnership with Mesothelioma UK, gives us a strong insight on the subject matter from a medical and working perspective, which we wish to pass on to others.’’



Sean Feeley

Communications Manager

Mick George Limited

Tel: 01480 499158

Twitter: @mickgeorgeltd


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