IoT-enabled BIM asset data management

Asset data

Man and Machine’s Phil Read looks at how the Internet of Things can help maintain coordinated, maintainable asset data to minimise waste and speed up construction

Managing maintainable asset data is at the core of what BIM is really about. It is also vital to have a single geometric BIM model that is well coordinated during the design work stages to minimise wastage and improve the speed of construction of the built asset. By doing this, we hope to reduce onsite issues and make the most of our onsite resources.

But when we talk about BIM these days, Phil Read, managing director of Man and Machine, has an interesting take.

“While we respect the need for geometry and a single model (or even a BIM comprised of a set of linked models and databases), we need to understand that BIM is also about data and workflow, not just parametric modelling and coordination,” he says.

Regarding the creation of a “solution set” supporting all aspects of the BIM workflow, Read continues: “We hear many people talk about Common Data Environments (CDEs) in a way that suggests they will single-handedly solve all the needs on a project, in sharing the BIM information and data. While CDEs are increasingly adding more and more functionality, it is unlikely that a CDE will really support all aspects of a BIM workflow.

“A BIM workflow may involve local coordination between linked disciplines (eg electrical and containment), key discipline coordination (architectural, structural and MEP), design review using BCF, as well as onsite task management and workflow. Furthermore, integration with local file servers that hold work-in-progress, PAS 1192 naming convention implementation, workflow automation, revision and version control, live syncing to site project servers and so on, may also be required.”

What Read is alluding to is a set of linked software platforms forming what he refers to as an Integrated Management Environment (IME). Linking these software platforms requires skilled software development and programming, as well as a detailed understanding of connecting APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Man and Machine offers such a service and is taking a forward-thinking approach to how to make this requirement a reality, using products like its BIM Launcher development and Autodesk Forge.

Such a solution is really a connected set of software services or platforms that uses the internet as the connection highway. This is another example of how the Internet of Things (IoT) is really manifesting itself in real world examples. It seems that Man and Machine has a way through the complexity and can be contacted on 01844 263700 or


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