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integrated resort development

[Video] Queen’s Wharf: The integrated resort development that captures the heart...

A new integrated resort development is being constructed that will put Brisbane on the map as a tourism, leisure and entertainment destination.
Construction worker using tablet computer online at the construction site

Causeway-Ermeo acquisition to create most powerful digital platform for construction

Causeway is on a mission to create the most powerful digital platform for the construction industry with the acquisition of mobile development company, Ermeo.
Consultant surveying construction project and sending email report to client via mobile

The 2022 State of AEC Project Management Research Report is now...

Mail Manager, the email management solution developed by Arup, now part of Ideagen, is proud to launch our annual AEC Project Management research report.
Smith & Byford employee stood next to red company van writing notes

Smith & Byford drive down costs and increase profits with Causeway...

Smith & Byford utilise Causeway Tradex to help better align their business goals for growth and reduce internal costs to drive profit, find out how in this case study video.
better connected construction projects

Data is your mortar for better connected construction projects

The industry is facing many uncontrollable challenges. Rising material prices, fuel costs and labour shortages are eroding traditional profit margins. But how can data be used for better connected construction projects?.
BIM compliance

BIM compliance: Let’s “do BIM” differently

BIM is a standard, a way of working, not a task, says Matt Samways of AIMIS. Here he explores the future of BIM compliance.
project information

Legal disputes soar as poor project information management impacts the AEC...

Mail Manager research finds that one in three firms lose important project information with staff turnover, impacting the industry’s ability to defend themselves.
construction data breaches

Construction data breaches: Is my data secure in the cloud?

Construction data breaches are on the rise, with data from Kroll showing a staggering 800% rise between 2019 and 2020. Meanwhile, a study of 1,200 ransomware attacks between 2020 and 2021 by Nordlocker found that construction was the most attacked industry.
construction common digital language

Steering committee established for implementing common digital language

A steering committee of major international construction industry stakeholders has been set up to facilitate the implementation and development of a common digital language.
blockchain in construction

What are the benefits of B2B blockchain in construction?

Jonas Lundqvist, CEO at Haidrun, explores how B2B blockchain technology can add trust to construction supply chains and deliver scalable sustainability.
BIM lead

Devan Mistry appointed as McBains strategic BIM lead

Devan Mistry has been appointed as associate director (strategic BIM lead) to drive forward McBains expertise on BIM.
Czech construction

Digital transformation of the Czech construction Industry

The Norwegian construction software provider Cobuilder and the Czech Standardisation Agency have signed an agreement to support digital transformation of the Czech construction industry.
urban centre in London

Creating a new £4bn urban centre in London

How a common data environment is ensuring all project data is accessible within three clicks for the highly ambitious Canada Water project, a new £4bn urban centre in London.
risk mitigation, Single platform technology

How can construction keep pace with the evolving world of risk...

Tom Noctor, team lead and strategic product consultant at Procore, discusses why construction needs to find its appetite for risk mitigation, particularly in its processes, and how single platform technology can help.
construction supply chain data

Barbour ABI partners with PLACEMAKE.IO to enhance construction supply chain data

Construction industry intelligence provider, Barbour ABI, has announced a partnership with PLACEMAKE.IO that will enhance the construction supply chain data offered to mutual clients.
single source of truth in construction

BIM’s role in achieving a single source of truth in construction

Michele D’Andrea Rodrigues from Mail Manager explores the role of BIM in achieving a single source of truth in construction when it comes to building safety.
software as a service

Software as a service (SaaS) takes centre stage

If there's any concept that underscores the transformative nature of the Information Age, it is the speed with which increasing amounts of digital data can be shared.
oracle industry lab 

Harnessing the power of data with FARO® at Oracle Industry Lab  

FARO® Technologies - a global leader in 4D digital reality solutions -  has announced that it has joined forces with Oracle to help architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals create opportunities to solve their toughest challenges at the new Oracle Industry Lab.
information management software

Arup’s Mail Manager acquired by information management software provider Ideagen!

Arup’s Mail Manager is excited to announce that we have been acquired by Ideagen Plc, a global provider of information management software.
construction IT

Construction gold standard needs gold standard IT strategy

Professor David Mosey's independent review of public sector construction frameworks has called for a new "gold standard" for procurement. Realising this ambition will also require a gold standard construction IT strategy, says Walter Hume of Rimini Street .
decommissioning strategy

The real value of data for your planning and decommissioning strategy

Ceri-Ann Droog, global digital director at Atkins, examines the benefits of data for your planning, construction design, decommissioning strategy and more.
cyberattacks in construction

How to mitigate cyberattacks in construction

PCB Today speaks with José Pinos, head of security at Atech, about cyberattacks in construction and the approaches to take to prevent them.
construction site communication

Improve your construction site communication with Re-flow software

Through Re-flow software and improved construction site communication, MW Benney saw a 90% increase in time saved and a 40% reduction in paperwork.
cybersecurity in construction

Best practices for cybersecurity in construction

Bryce Austin from TCE Strategy shares some of the top tips and best practices for cybersecurity in construction with Trimble Viewpoint.

Hackathons: Helping construction harness data, the future of the sector

Hackathons can harness the full potential of data to bring forward groundbreaking ideas for the construction industry, says Gareth Parkes, head of data and analytics at Sir Robert McAlpine.
construction industry’s answer to climate change

Why data is the construction industry’s answer to climate change

Dr Graham Kelly, director of BIM Academy, discusses how taking control of data can help to shape smarter choices around building operation, energy use and construction products to create a more sustainable built environment.

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