Colmore Tang launches cladding remediation service


Colmore Tang Construction has launched a cladding remediation service to provide a complete solution for those seeking to replace dangerous cladding

Colmore Tang has developed a comprehensive approach to cladding remediation and passive fire protection that enables a fully-audited, designed and delivered service.

The contractors cladding remediation service has been launched in light of the ongoing and public cladding debate, following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017.

By drawing on its established supply chain, Colmore Tang will provide the full cladding remediation service from initial fire assessment and design, to project management, tax advice and delivery.

It is also able to advise owners accessing the government’s Building Safety Fund.

‘Nobody should have to live in an unsafe building’

Steve Underwood, chief operating officer at Colmore Tang Construction, said: “Nobody should have to live in an unsafe building. Through conversations we have had with building owners, managing agents and even cladding manufacturers, it’s clear that the complexities in cladding remediation are slowing down the ability to get this vital work done.

“The government’s target is also mounting pressure on building owners, who are being encouraged to complete all works before mandatory new legislation is introduced.

“Lots of specialist contractors don’t operate at the scale required to fulfill many of these projects, leaving clients struggling to engage with consultants when looking for a solution.

“That’s why we’re doing what we know best – tall, high-density residential buildings. We’re bringing together the moving parts to create a single cohesive product.

“Furthermore, we provide a fully-auditable digital record of the whole process ensuring that the ‘golden thread’ – as described in Dame Judith Hackett’s Grenfell recommendations – is delivered along with a comprehensively-insured end product.”

Underwood added: “To date, we have delivered over 3,500 apartments from both new and existing buildings. This re-engineering expertise has given us the knowledge and supply chain to remediate unsafe cladding on behalf of third-party owners and agents.

“We’re working with a small cross-section of our supply chain to keep the process simple and accountable. These suppliers not only have the right experience, they also hold the relevant qualifications and accreditations to deliver a compliant scheme in line with the new legislation that will be brought in by the Fire Safety Bill next year.”

Colmore Tang has also launched a dedicated EWS1 support hub for occupants of unsafe buildings. The hub intends to educate residents and leaseholders on the purpose of the EWS1 form; why unsafe cladding might prevent the sale of their properties; and how to encourage freeholders to find an appropriate solution.


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