StormMeister® offers a wide range of innovative products and services dedicated to flood protection

StormMeister® Flood Protection was founded in 2010 by William M Snape with the aim of solving the problems presented by conventional flood doors, which can be difficult to operate and with limited effect.

Since that beginning, StormMeister® product research and development has resulted in a whole range of flood protection products that have helped all kinds of property owners to avert the threat of rising tides, increased rainfall and the effects of climate change. Many of the product innovations produced by StormMeister® utilise a patented Active Flood Seal™ design, which makes use of the pressure created by floodwater to create a watertight seal that protects against the threat of flooding. Active Flood Seals™ result in StormMeister® flood products being easy to operate as the flood seals eliminate the need for heavy locking mechanisms usually required by conventional flood products.

flood protection,A brief outline of all StormMeister® product innovations and services includes:

Computer Assisted Design Software Where required, StormMeister® is able to produce custom designs and drawings of the products required for each specific project or individual contract utilising software such as Solidworks, a solid modelling computer aided design and engineers program.

Product Indemnity Insurance to the value of £5m.

Flood doors in a variety of materials: UPVC, timber, composite and aluminium. Options for thresholds include Standard, Intermediate and Low Threshold. The Low Threshold flood doors comply with Part M of Building Regulations for wheelchair access.

Flood windows, inward or outward opening, including fire escape windows which make use of StormMeister® Active Flood Seals™.

External tanking, StormMeister® is skilled at external tanking for the prevention of surface water seepage to property foundations and thereby entering the property from the floor. A number of projects have been completed for various clients, including Lancaster City Council.

Garage flood doors in two styles: up and over, and sectional garage doors. Extensive testing and feasibility studies were carried out on several garage door variants before choosing the styles that are storm and hurricane resistant as well as flood-resistant.

Floodgates in hardwood and industrial aluminium floodgates, utilised for keeping floodwater out as well as keeping in contaminated water that has been used to extinguish a fire.

Flood barriers in three variations: Heavy Duty, for commercial and industrial purposes, Standard for commercial and residential purposes and Slim-Line for residential purposes. All made from high-quality aluminium box section.

Non-return valves for protection of soil pipes and wastewater pipes including the creation of new inspection chambers where necessary.

Storm dry masonry cream, providing invisible waterproofing for brick, stone and concrete.

Self-sealing airbricks, which are vital to include in any flood protection plan.

StormMeister has worked to meet many standards and regulations within the building and construction industry. This is the StormMeister ethic: to adhere to standards and install flood protection products that have undergone rigorous testing and feasibility studies. This commitment to quality is reinforced and supported by memberships to a variety of organisation that share the pursuit for quality service and effective products.

Underwritten Warranties

All warranties issued with StormMeister® installations are insured through GGFI, a Glass and Glazing Group company, up to a limit of £25,000 per warranty.

BSI (British Standards Institute) Member Company: 47577079

Working with BSI, because we care about performing better and getting the most out of the standards we use in our organisation, attending British Standard Institute meetings to discuss ongoing product development and improvement.


StormMeister is an approved FENSA installer, a government-authorised scheme that monitors building regulation compliance.

CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme)

An authority and trusted adviser on health and safety compliance.

Construction Line

A register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants used by the construction industry to put buyers in touch with a validated pool of high-quality suppliers.

GGF, Glass and Glazing Federation

Represents companies that manufacture, supply or install glass and glazing products in the UK and international. Promoting best practice and shaping the highest health and safety standards.

StormMeister innovation and design has not stopped and since the beginning, StormMeister® has been active in designing and developing not only flood doors but a wide range of user-friendly flood protection products to protect commercial and residential properties. Flood defence solutions for residential and commercial properties that are not only effective but also accessible and easy to use by everyone, including the elderly, infirm and disabled.



Amy Lester

Office Administrator/Head of Marketing

William M Snape Manufacturing Services (UK) Ltd. Trading as StormMeister Flood Protection

Tel: +44 (0)1772 704429

Twitter: @stormmeisterFP


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