StormMeister® Low Threshold Flood Door

The StormMeister Low Threshold Outward Opening Flood Door was developed to solve a particular problem in the Merchant Quarter of Aberdeen, which floods regularly. Hence, there was a need to protect a number of commercial properties…

StormMeister was commissioned to provide an appropriate product to satisfy specific requirements, where the flood door not only have to resist floodwater as the floodwater level rises but also as it falls.

The requirements were, first and foremost, to provide flood protection, while they also needed to be wheelchair accessible in compliance with planning and building regulations.

Our solution

There is a particular problem with outward opening flood doors for which when the seal has been compressed for any length of time, it may not be able to recover sufficiently to keep floodwater out when the floodwater level is falling.

It was a challenging problem, but after working with Extrudaseal, StormMeister successfully achieved the goal of keeping floodwater out no matter if the floodwater was rising or receding.

Suitable for everyone in domestic and commercial properties

All StormMeister flood doors are easy-to-use, suitable for everyone including elderly, infirm and disabled.

Through utilising the pressure of flood water in our unique flood sealing mechanism, our flood doors can be operated easily without applying excessive handle force.

The StormMeister Low Threshold Outward Opening Flood Door comes with standard handles. If required, emergency push-bars can be manufactured.

Tested to PAS 1188-2014, StormMeister Outward Opening Flood Doors achieved the standard with ease for both single and double flood doors.

Patented in the UK, Europe and the USA, the StormMeister Active Flood Seal™ is fitted all around the flood door. There is, therefore, ongoing flood resilience beyond the 600mm industry standard.

StormMeister 800: Our new flood door range

Research and development is at the heart of StormMeister. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services to provide a better customer experience.

Here we are excited to introduce our new flood door range, the StormMeister 800.

With exceptional flood resistance above and beyond the industry standards, StormMeister 800 can provide flood resistance to a flood level of 800mm under test conditions, hence the name StormMeister 800.

Available in standard threshold (72mm) or intermediate threshold (52mm), StormMeister 800 is looking to be launched in mid-2021.

Why StormMeister?

All StormMeister doors, including the StormMeister Low Threshold Flood Door, keep floodwater out even when floodwater level is receding.

They are also easy to maintain. The seals and thresholds can be exchanged should they be worn or damaged without removing the door.

All StormMeister products carry the EU two-year statutory warranty with an ongoing warranty of 10 years when covered by a StormMeister care plan.

StormMeister offers bespoke flood door design for both commercial and residential properties to suit every need.

We are here to help. So, contact us today to find out how to safeguard your home and properties from flood risks. Feel free to call us on 01772 704429 or email your enquiry to



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