A unique scheme to make Room in Roof installation compliance easier and cheaper has been launched by the British Board of Agrément (BBA)

Only one inspection is required with the BBA’s new Room in Roof Insulation Installer Scheme, the first of its kind in the industry.

Ken O’Sullivan, Head of Audit & Inspection at the BBA said: “This new all-inclusive service makes it quicker and more cost-effective for insulation contractors to ensure their room in roof projects comply with regulations.

“Until now installers have been required to gain separate approvals for pitched roof and internal wall insulation installations. This new scheme requires just one, lowering costs and saving time for contractors.”

Properly insulated loft conversions and rooms in roofs can retain up to 25% of heat generated in a house. Work must be done correctly to ensure it complies with energy efficiency, ventilation, fire protection standards and Building Regulations. The Room in Roof scheme has been developed following feedback from BBA competent installer scheme members, leveraging the technical expertise offered by the BBA and its Approved Installer network to deliver properly and safely insulated rooms in roofs in a more cost-effective and timely way.

Existing BBA Approved installers need only ask to join the scheme. Those not yet BBA Approved must register for assessment.

The British Board of Agrément was formed in 1966 and offers certification, testing, audit and inspection services to manufacturers of construction products and systems and installer approval. It is also the UK’s leading authority on the assessment of insulation products and installation techniques.


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