Next generation of insulation: Lapolla FOAM-LOK FL2000

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Explore the benefits of the UK’s most innovative and revolutionary spray foam insulation system

As a building professional, Lapolla recognises you are faced with increased challenges every day, particularly rapid construction deadlines and stringent Building Regulations.

Lapolla FOAM-LOK FL2000 4G is the most effective spray foam insulation available on the UK market today, with exceptional energy efficiency that outperforms other traditional insulation methods and exceeds today’s building code requirements. Did we mention it’s BBA approved?

We work alongside architects and contractors from day one, undertaking all external framework, roof and internal wall insulation with our BBA-approved open and closed cell products.

One product. Multiple solutions

Why FOAM-LOK FL200 4G?

This insulation is the optimal solution for residential and commercial structures of all architectural styles, particularly suited for offsite construction, including timber frame and modular designs.

  • Fully adherers to most construction substrates.
  • Professionally installed.
  • Best insulation for all climate zones.
  • Contributes to the wellness of inhabitants.
  • Lasts the life of the structure.
  • 25-year product warranty.
  • BBA approved.

It’s also the best-in-class solution for energy efficiency and energy cost savings, improved indoor comfort & structural strength.

Eliminate the need for multiple product applications, reducing labour costs and ensuring construction deadlines are achieved

By choosing FL2000 4G, it will enable you to achieve a superior building envelope and enhance the structural strength of your design. It’s R value and airtightness abilities remain unrivalled by traditional forms of insulation.

In addition, it will reduce your product requirements allowing you to eliminate and right size other building materials during new home construction, further reducing risks of high labour costs and delays to schedules.

  • Minimise timber and labour needs for complex framing.
  • Eliminate roof elements including raised heel trusses and hi/low vents.
  • Provide an air, thermal and moisture barrier.

Making the world greener one drum at a time

With our next generation spray foam insulation, you can stop worrying about meeting today’s increasingly important building requirements. It offers exceptional energy efficiency benefits and its sustainability statistics include:

  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption, saving up to 45% energy consumption reduction for heating and cooling.
  • One barrel of Lapolla 4G contains over 3,000 recycled plastic bottles – the equivalent of 5,000 board feet of insulation.
  • Reduced global warming impact.
  • No ozone depletion.

To find out more get in touch with us at or call 01726 212 860.

Ask us about our CPD packages

We’re inviting building professionals across the UK to enrol on one of our FREE CPD-certified training courses! Expand your knowledge on spray foam insulation and how this fantastic product can benefit all design & insulation requirements.



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