Structural waterproofing session to target housebuilder audience at NHBC event

Structural waterproofing session to target housebuilder audience at NHBC event
Claims on basements cost the industry nearly £21m since 2005

The Property Care Association is to host a structural waterproofing session at the NHBC roadshow to bring the issue to the attention of housebuilders

National trade body The Property Care Association (PCA) is set to take part in the NHBC roadshow with a structural waterproofing session.

The PCA currently manages an industry recognised qualification in this area and produces best practice guidelines.

The organisation was invited to take part in the NHBC roadshow to highlight the importance of structural waterproofing while offering an expert insight into the field. Chief executive Stephen Hodgson will speak during the UK-wide ‘Building for Tomorrow’ programme on the subject of waterproofing below ground structures.

Ensuring best practice

The programme, which started this month, will run until April at nine location across the country. It forms part of the PCA’s agenda to support the construction industry through structural waterproofing projects. This saw the PCA assist the NHBC to develop Chapter 5.4 of their revised construction standard for waterproofing basements and other below ground structures. This was produced in response to a report from the NHBC in 2013, which revealed claims on basements had cost the industry nearly £21m since 2005.

Hodgson said: “It is vital that the design of below ground waterproofing is tackled by specialists who understand ground conditions, the challenges of the site and the complexity of the build, as well as considering the final performance requirements of the underground space.

“Basement waterproofing undertaken by trained and qualified PCA members is far less likely to fail than systems installed by those with little specialist training and often limited understanding of structural waterproofing.

“The construction teams applying, installing and building the underground space must also be fully aware of the critical nature of what they are doing, the importance of accuracy and the implications of any defects and errors.

“It is an important message to get across and we are grateful to the NHBC for providing a platform to deliver it nationwide.”


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