The Property Care Association has laid out its structural waterproofing training programme for the year ahead

National trade boy the Property Care Association (PCA) has set out its structural waterproofing training programme. The course offers both the latest in best practice, as well as providing updates for professionals in the industry.

Structural waterproofing remains an issue at the forefront of construction. Since 2005, the NHBC said the number of claims on basements has cost nearly £21m, with nearly 890 homes affected. The PCA is working to raise awareness of best practice in structural waterproofing.

The first course will take place in Huntingdon at the association’s dedicated training facility on 22 February.

Evolving programme

The course provides a CPD-style route to enable those in the industry to keep up-to-date with changes, as well as new procedures. It is hoped it will promote technical competence within the sector and the three-day Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing training course offers an intensive theoretical training opportunity for basements and below ground projects.

It can also be used a stepping stone for those studying the Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) qualification.

New training courses

Last year a suite of new training courses were introduced. They are aimed at architects, waterproofing designers, builders, ground-workers and others involved in designing or constructing new or retro-build basements.

These programmes include:

  • Basement Water Management course – this was developed to help construction and surveying professionals better understand the theory and practical application of pump stations and accessories relating to Type C cavity membrane systems.
  • The Structural Implications of Waterproofing course – this brings together the activities of waterproofing surveyors and system designers with structural and civil engineers.

A series of best practice guides are also available from the PCA free of charge. These are overseen by the association’s Structural Waterproofing Group. Some of these are partly funded by the CITB, and cover Type A, Type B and Type C waterproofing systems.

A register of Waterproofing Design Specialists who have been vetted and approved is also available. These professionals have been deemed to have the right knowledge and qualifications in the field.

Ongoing professional development

James Berry, technical manager at the PCA, said: “Training and ongoing professional development is a key remit of the association to drive forward best practice in the specialised structural waterproofing industry.

“We continue to provide opportunities for those in the sector to enhance and expand their knowledge and also offer training programmes of relevance to a wider audience.”

An annual structural waterproofing conference will be held on 6 July in Coventry.

Full details of each course and a calendar of training dates are available on the PCA website.


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