StormMeister Eco sustainable timber flood doors


Homeowners are choosing our wooden flood doors due to their unrivalled traditional aesthetics and highly desirable performance features

We are able to create stunning flood protection for your home with a striking aesthetic that will protect your property with its many performance enhancements. Keep your home safe and secure in a more thermally efficient, flood protected living space that is sure to impress thanks to our timber flood doors.

  • Expertly finished to enhance durability.
  • Can incorporate bespoke glazing designs.
  • Four sash options that incorporate various glazing thicknesses.
  • Choice of traditional hardware from “From the Anvil” ironmongery.
  • Secure, energy efficient and stylish.

Our timber flood doors are available with 24mm double glazed units or solid timber panels and can even have matching side panels – these options mean we have a solution for any specification.

StormMeister® Eco timber flood doors offer the full package, created with sustainability and durability in mind. We only use timber with a low moisture content, preventing movement and treat the doors with microporous paint. This ensures a high-quality finish while still allowing the timber to breathe, ensuring the longevity of our timber flood doors.

High performance timber flood doors

Our timber flood doors are available in many styles and are made-to-measure for your property. The doors are manufactured in laminated timber as standard to enhance performance, making them the ideal exterior door for a wide range of properties. The sashes are 58mm thick, giving them enhanced stability and thermal performance, as well as the ability to withstand pressure from rising floodwater. The additional thickness also allows for our enhanced locking system.

Not only do our flood doors offer flood protection; they provide excellent protection against unauthorised entry. The StormMeister® timber flood door is PAS24 certified and, subject to design chosen, capable of achieving Secured by Design status.

Sustainable timber flood doors by StormMeister®

Timber flood doorsStormMeister® Eco timber flood doors are made from Accoya, a high-performance acetylated wood from sustainable resources. Pressure-treated with a non-toxic, naturally occurring chemical, the cells in Accoya wood are prevented from absorbing water, outperforming rainforest hardwoods such as teak. This brings unprecedented reliability for timber, also contributing towards the preservation of the rainforest.

Accoya is a high-performance, modified timber made from sustainably sourced wood. Its durability is labelled as Class 1, the highest level of durability for timber. Having been tested not to visibly swell, shrink or distort the dimensional stability, Accoya is the ideal material for the manufacture of timber flood doors.

All StormMeister® flood doors are bespoke to meet your every need, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect design for your home. If you live in a conservation area, in most cases, we can produce timber flood doors in the same style as your existing doors.

Preserve and protect with colour

Our wooden flood doors are available in a range of translucent and opaque finishes. We can offer most colour options and have our own standard range of natural wood finishes.

Timber flood doors

Translucent finishes preserve the natural beauty of your timber flood door while opaque resembles the traditional colouring of the past. As a result, you can provide a classic, chic aesthetic in line with modern performance.

With opaque finishes, all RAL colours are available, giving an almost unlimited choice when it comes to personalising or matching your chosen flood door styles to the aesthetics of your home.

Our paint system also protects the wood from harmful ultraviolet rays and from water ingress thanks to its microporous structure, which allows excess moisture to escape. Our paint is also flexible, meaning it can expand and contract naturally with the timber, allowing us to offer you a wooden flood door installation that will stand the test of time in protecting your home.


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