TRA introduce easy access roofing guidance for housebuilders


Housebuilders will benefit from roofing guidance and free technical advice and downloads with the launch of a new and improved website from the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA)

The Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) has revamped its website for 2018 with simpler navigation making it easy to enquire about products and services and access downloadable roofing guidance for the delivery, installation and design of trussed rafters, spandrel panels and metal web joists.

Jonathan Fellingham, TRA chairman, said:

“In the busy world of construction, having practical and technical guidance at your fingertips is a must have for housebuilders.

“We’ve designed the website with exactly that in mind. It now works as a fantastic resource for everything you need to know about roofing and flooring structures.”

The improved member enquiry function allows housebuilders to search for the product and service they need by the nearest location. The search presents the nearest ten members along with their credentials and contact details. Online enquiries can be made quickly and files for drawings can be dropped into the enquiry box and sent to selected TRA firms, allowing for builders to get faster quotes.

Technical advice and downloads are categorised by product, and as the website is fully mobile responsive, PDFs can be downloaded in a matter of seconds onto a mobile phone or tablet device.

The FAQ section will be regularly updated and any other technical enquiries can be submitted via the website allowing for a tailored response.

The new website can be found at

roofing guidance


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