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In a time where Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and digital evolution is revolutionising the way we work, live and explore, it’s no surprise that the reach of these technologies is branching out into the construction sector via the process of Building Information Modelling or ‘BIM’.
BIM is the process of creating and managing information digitally across a construction projects life-cycle. It is the digital description of absolutely every aspect of the built asset. With every aspect detailed throughout the development, design, and construction phases it allows a collaborative information sharing platform which is constantly updated at key stages.
The definitive guide to all things BIM. Whether its news, software, updates, training and implementation. Hear from leading contributors such Anne Kemp, Mark Bew, David Philp.

product data

Product data: The right road ahead 

Alex Small, BIM & digital platforms manager at Tata Steel explores confusion around BIM information and how to bring it to the market.
bim data

Transforming quality with clear visibility and BIM data

BIM data can provide crucial insights into a building’s components, encouraging more robust specification and ultimately a better quality finish.
Voyants Solutions

Voyants Solutions industrialises BIM workflows to design iconic station

Voyants Solutions Private Limited was selected to design an iconic new Gwalior Railway Station that would complement the existing station and attract tourism.
sea bridge, BIM,

Tianjin Tianhe advances BIM in construction of the largest sea bridge

A network of islands in the Yangtze River Delta, south of Shanghai, will be connected by the longest sea bridge network in the world The four-lane highway begins in Ningbo on the mainland and connects five islands, including Zhoushan, Zhujiajian, and Daishan. This highway will significantly reduce travel time to...

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BIM Level 2

Lloyd’s Register release second video on BIM Level 2 Accreditation

Terry Mundy from Lloyd’s Register explains more about the “Scopes of Accreditation” for their BIM Level 2 Accreditation Scheme.
GEO|Design+BIM event

Schiphol to discuss BIM success at GEO|Design+BIM 2018

Schiphol Airport is set to share its successful BIM stories and their experience with common standards, processes and roles at the GEO|Design+BIM event
BuildIT construction

Checks and measures with BuildIT Construction

FARO’s Udo Haedicke delves into the developments in verification processes and technology that improve quality by applying the concept of traceability, while reducing risk and waste

Hexagon Geosystems to showcase digital construction solutions at GEO|Design+BIM 2018

GEO| Design+BIM has announced Hexagon Geosystems as a co-sponsor, to showcase its solutions that help document construction site progress and create measurable, as-built documentation

A decade of digital RFIs and take-offs

For contractor Forcia, embracing digital workflows for RFIs and take-offs, with Bluebeam as a project partner, has helped establish the firm as a leader in its field.

Gleeds introduces BIM & project management app

Property and construction consultancy Gleeds has launched a new online BIM and project management app called Frame
GEO|Design+BIM Awards

GEO|Design+BIM Awards to recognise outstanding innovation in construction

Geospatial Media and Communications has announced the introduction of GEO|Design+BIM Awards to recognise and celebrate organizations with outstanding digital strategies in the construction industry
cloud service

Siemens and Bentley Systems launch PlantSight digital twin cloud services

Siemens and Bentley Systems have unveiled a new cloud service providing as-operated, up-to-date digital twins that synchronise both physical conditions and engineering data.
pedestrian simulation software

Bentley Systems acquires pedestrian simulation software firm LEGION

Bentley Systems has acquired pedestrian simulation software firm LEGION, which supports more than half of the world's 40 largest transition agencies.

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