VIDEO: Elliott Wood calls on AEC industry to do more post-coronavirus


Elliott Wood is calling on the AEC industry to avoid returning to ‘normal’ after the coronavirus crisis, and instead work together now to improve practices and promote new thinking to engineer a better, healthier society

These are complicated times with perhaps no return to normal, nor going back to old habits.

As engineers we’ve always been adept at responding to the unknown. Thinking alternatively to try and drive societal and environmental change. We’ve committed to these ideals through our ETHICS manifesto and by creating The Building Society, our collaborative, co-working space for the built environment.

But now it’s time for us all to do more.

More than ever, we all need to continue to revolutionise sectors, forge partnerships and create conversations and collaborate.

We are passionate about BIM, but we are also frustrated that there is still some way to go to achieving an integrated approach to design. When BIM is implemented correctly, it will provide better design solutions, encourage collaboration and reduce waste. But yet, from speaking to our peers, it is clear there continues to be a reluctance among some organisations to engage with the BIM process to fully embrace what it offers.

It’s not just a case of getting the drawing numbering right or knowing how to exchange an IFC file. BIM is a tool that can help us positively impact society and fight climate change. We need to be asking the big questions about design and people, society, carbon and the circular economy – discussions that will make a real difference!

We’d like others in the field to get in touch to discuss how we can do this. To work together to build better spaces and experiences and give back to the AEC industry to engineer a better and healthier society.


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