Crossrail utilises 3D Repo BIM app to digitally manage assets

Image © Crossrail Ltd

Cloud software firm 3D Repo has begun development on a new mobile app that will enable Crossrail to digitally manage its assets

Development has begun on a mobile app that will help Crossrail manage maintainable assets. The cloud based software by 3D Repo, a spinout from University College London, will bring together databases and information sources, giving Crossrail access to historical and real-time information.


Through a Crossrail Asset Information and Configuration Management System (AIMS), 3D Repo has already demonstration integration between information held within asset lifecycle information management software.

AIMS will enable data matrix ID labels and RFID tags to be scanned using a mobile device. This will give real-time access to plant and system diagrams, as well as operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals.

The new mobile platform will give project managers, maintenance personnel and stakeholders access to different 3D views of an asset. This will allow the selection of information most pertinent to them.

One stop solution

Harry Parnell, Head of Digital Project Delivery at Balfour Beatty and Project Manager in Crossrail’s Woolwich Station said: “With the Crossrail project nearing completion we wanted to demonstrate a system that could provide a one stop solution for post-delivery asset management.

“3D Repo application could deliver direct cost savings in terms of simplified management processes and transparency of work, at every stage of the project, from planning to construction and handover to facilities management.

“This is all digitally enabled by a simple web interface that is easy to deploy and easy to use.”

The app does not require the installation of an additional software, nor are there large licence costs that accompany proprietary common data environments (CDEs). Furthermore, extra training will not be necessary to use the software nor will new it require specific technology to function.

CEO of 3D Repo Dr Jozef Dobos said: “We are helping Crossrail maximise the investment already made in asset management by bringing together all the different pieces of the asset information jigsaw.

“By linking up existing data silos and repositories through the use of the Crossrail Asset Identification Standard and making information easy to access and easy to visualise, we are effectively making their existing asset management smarter.”


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