Faro launches new end-to-end 3D capture platform

3D capture

FARO, global leader in 4D digital reality solutions, has launched an ultra-efficient end-to-end 3D capture and collaboration platform

The platform provides an efficient cloud-based workflow combining three innovative new solutions: the FARO Sphere; the FARO Focus Premium Laser Scanner; and the FARO Stream mobile app.

Focus Premium is the fastest, most accurate and best data-sharing-enabled scanner on the market, featuring entirely new components with a proven design. The new Stream app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, used with the Focus Premium enables on-site scan data validation (preregistration) and can be immediately synched to Sphere for registration and collaboration.

Sphere centralizes the collection and management of all 3D data projects and can be accessed by global stakeholders through the secure, single point sign-on. It also provides a one-stop user experience across FARO’s leading software applications and customer support tools, including HoloBuilder, a global construction progress management solution that delivers hardware agnostic image capture, registration, and viewing targeted to the fast-growing Digital Twin space. Additional workflows that enable customers to realize even greater value will be offered in future Sphere updates.

‘New 3D capture platform provides customers with ease-of-use, accuracy and speed’

Michael Burger, FARO president and CEO, said: “With FARO Sphere as its backbone, our new end-to-end 3D capture platform provides customers with industry-leading ease-of-use, accuracy and speed.

“Real-time data capture validation and remote collaboration will transform how customers generate, access and utilise 3D data models.

“For our shareholders, Sphere is expected to generate meaningful high margin Software as a Service (SaaS) recurring revenue over time as customers increasingly realise the benefits of our cloud-based solution.

“Beta customers have found the complete platform solution to dramatically enhance data delivery and analysis, improving their time to decision by up to 50%.

“We’re excited by the initial feedback, which supports our approach of deeply understanding customer needs to transform how they work in a 3D-enabled virtual world.”

Combination of platforms will cut scanning and processing down by 60%

Travis Voss, leader of innovative technologies at Helm Mechanical, a US construction company, said: “We are very excited to see the advances Faro has made.

“The combination of the new Focus Scanner, Stream, and Sphere and how that all flows together is going to cut our scanning and processing time down by 60% easily.

“This time savings will allow us to examine scanning projects more frequently, scanning projects we normally wouldn’t have because of time constraints, and expanding our offerings to customers.


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