Viewpoint collaborates with process transformation specialists


The collaboration with process transformation specialists RED Jam will enable customers to gain additional value from Viewpoint Field View™

With over 45 years of combined experience in continuous improvement, RED Jam are experts in process transformation and change management, with a strong track record of driving measurable and sustainable improvements in business processes and people performance.

Its goal is to improve efficiency throughout business operations, eliminate waste and increase customer satisfaction whilst developing client capability for sustained future growth.

RED Jam helps construction companies, manufacturers, and housebuilders realise greater benefits from Field View and has already worked with several leading firms, including Barratt Homes, Red Systems and Sigmat.

Some of the key areas RED Jam supports organisations:

  • Complete ‘end to end’ process transformation – in reviewing business operations in its entirety, RED Jam can highlight unnecessary duplication and remove waste (process steps that add no value to the organisation or the customer) and ultimately create processes that are more streamlined and efficient. This entire review will also highlight any further opportunities for Field View use across the organisation, in which RED Jam are then equipped to support in implementing.
  • Targeted process review – similar to the ‘end to end’ review, however, targeted specifically on several key processes that, as an organisation, you have already highlighted for review. These processes can sit in or outside of current Field View usage.
  • Project management/implementation support – if you currently don’t have the expertise or capacity within your organisation to support the development, embedding or ongoing BAU management of Field View, RED Jam can provide this on either a short term or ongoing basis.
  • Data management/Field View analytics – RED Jam can support you in harnessing the power of Field View data, turning your on-site data into meaningful dashboards and reports. Reporting which will give you visibility of what is happening across the organisation and better equip you to easily view and manage performance and identify any trends or common issues for review.  Available as either a standalone service or as part of broader support.

All RED Jams services can be tailored to your organisation’s particular needs.

If you would like to discuss how RED Jam could support your organisation, please contact RED Jam directly for an initial, no-obligation discussion.

LinkedIn: RED Jam


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