Ribuna AG uses Revu for sustainable and efficient data management

digital workflow solution

Taking on a crucial project in the midst of a pandemic is never easy, but it was made a lot easier for Ribuna AG by Bluebeam® Revu®

Using digital planning throughout, Revu’s digital workflow solution meant that teams could stay coordinated and efficient while working remotely, ultimately saving time, money and resources.

A firm built on digital processes

The engineers at Ribuna AG in Interlaken, Switzerland, are young, motivated and successful, as proven by the diversity and breadth of civil engineering and infrastructure projects handled by the firm since it was established in early 2019.

Ribuna used Bluebeam Revu’s digital workflow solution from the moment they set up a project file, adding a new dimension to digital collaboration, for the team and its external partners. End-to-end digital planning requires end-to-end management of data, something Ribuna recognised from day one.

Reacting fast in pandemic times

Ribuna needed to react fast when it came to an engineering job at Oberried Station on Lake Brienz. In just a few weeks, they switched to a decentralised approach for the project, with teams working from home. This was essential as the project kicked off right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and planning simply couldn’t grind to a halt. The engineers at Ribuna opted for Revu to guarantee a fast digital process, with errors kept to a minimum. The integrated software makes structured interaction possible at every stage, as well as saving time and paper.

A connected digital workflow solution

Ribuna has worked with Allplan Engineering since it was established and its history with Bluebeam goes back nearly as far. When they tried out the Revu features and potential applications, they quickly realised it was perfect for their requirements. Connectivity between everyone involved in the planning process is an important factor, and using Revu also means they can create routines for crucial planning approvals from the client or specialist planners. The result is a high level of security and transparency for the project coordinator and team.

Ribuna AG is committed to using Revu in the long term. Handling projects on a decentralised basis will continue to be important in the future and project partners are already working from home in various locations. Revu involves everyone on a project, guaranteeing reliable planning, minimising the amount of time spent on the project and optimising planning results.

digital workflow solution

Benefits and results

  • Significant time saved when reviewing and coordinating designs
  • Maximum flexibility in processing PDF data sets
  • Quick and efficient coordination phases
  • Minimal error rates thanks to digital workflows throughout
  • Efficient document management in Bluebeam Revu
  • Savings totalling thousands of Swiss francs thanks to minimal printing and paper costs
  • Sustainable approach using 20% to 50% less paper
  • Rapid integration into new systems such as a home office or decentralised working.

Want to see how Bluebeam Revu could transform your workflows? We’ll show you.


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