Take BIM to the next level with the BIM management system usBIM

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BIM has revolutionised the construction industry, offering a more efficient and streamlined process to design and build structures and we can now take the value of BIM to the next level using an integrated BIM management system – usBIM

Using an integrated BIM management system can help all construction team stakeholders make communication and collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors and owners much more direct and efficient – the result is a better built product, delivered on time and at the planned costs.

The advantages of a BIM management system

Given the many benefits offered by the BIM methodology, we can firmly say that the construction industry is continuously adopting BIM-based workflows and digital processes. This is why it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure efficient collaboration and coordination between the different professionals involved in the design process and also exchanging data and information. Without this fundamental switch between traditional working methods and the digital revolution brought by BIM, its potential benefits cannot be fully exploited.

This is where the need to use a BIM management system comes into the scenario with the ability to:

  • Integrate relevant data and workflows to manage the entire design process more efficiently and achieve better collaboration and coordination between the different technical roles involved.
  • Create a centralised repository for all project information, a single source of truth that helps to ensure that all stakeholders work with the same information making it easier and more effective to create, manage and share all the relevant project documents.
  • Provide a way to monitor how a project progresses in order to keep track of every aspect of the building’s entire lifecycle.

usBIM – A new era in BIM process management

To meet any of the needs that arise during a BIM process, from BIM data management to project coordination, through to typical collaboration tools, ACCA software has been strongly focused on developing usBIM, an extraordinarily powerful BIM management system that allows you to manage large construction projects and infrastructures online.

usBIM is a cloud-based tool that can be used on any device (PC, tablet or smartphone) to view, share and manage even the most complex BIM projects available on the market and access data from anywhere.

In a BIM process, data and information from the digital model are at the heart of each activity and all project participants must be able to collaborate and exchange information. This requires an openBIM approach with non-proprietary file formats independent of the BIM tools and applications used. usBIM makes things easier with extraordinarily powerful and fast tools to:

  • View and manage numerous 3D file formats (both proprietary and open) including IFC, BCF, DWG, LAS, LAZ, PLY, RVT, EDF, OBJ, 3DS and many more directly online.
  • Manage federations of BIM models (constructions and infrastructures).
  • Manage large point clouds completely online.
  • Collaborate and share files, models, documents and data with a simple message and without physically transferring copies of files.

The BIM management system is available in several languages (Portuguese-Brazilian, German, English, Spanish, French and Italian) and also comes with a very interesting distribution model. It’s completely free when used with its 10GB of cloud storage space and is provided with a whole ecosystem of 12 specific tools to address the fundamental activities of the BIM process.

AEC professionals can extend their solution with additional applications allowing them to customise their work experience according to different needs. Storage space can be expanded by simply purchasing a different storage plan. Choose up to 1TB of cloud storage or add other apps to the 12 free applications already provided. Customise your usBIM ecosystem with other applications including:

  • editor, a powerful solution to change IFC properties, classifications, etc and save a new version of the IFC file with all updated changes.
  • checker control and edit IFC format BIM model entities and their properties.
  • clash, create clash detection rulesets and highlight conflicts between federated models in the IFC format or other BIM model formats (Revit, Edificius, SketchUp, etc).
  • project, schedule and control tasks, activity timing and resources for designing, executing and managing a construction.
  • reality, take virtual tours of your BIM models in an advanced viewing experience with real-time rendering.
  • IoT, the application that allows you to integrate the BIM model with IoT systems and sensors, view sensor data on the model in real time and take advantage of an informative dashboard together with sensor control.
  • blockchain, the application that allows you to guarantee file storage authenticity and immutability over time on the usBIM integrated system with blockchain technology.

It, therefore, becomes obvious that this scalable and customisable solution is very beneficial for a wide range of types of projects, especially for the more complex ones where the openBIM approach and the interoperability of information between the different actors involved and their many tools is a fundamental aspect. With usBIM, focus on how to make the best possible use of the informative model rather than the software and manage 100% openBIM workflows.


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