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Causeway has announced the launch date of its latest design engineering platform, Live Design 4.0, which aims to bring site infrastructure disciplines into one design environment

The design engineering platform – Causeway Live Design, is a cloud-licenced platform that provides seamless integration across all aspects of site infrastructure design, graphical ground modelling, roads and drainage design including hydraulic analysis and 2D overland flow, vehicle swept path analysis, road marking and traffic sign design.

The latest version of Live Design, Live Design 4.0, is due to be launched in autumn 2022 and can be used standalone or integrated with AutoCAD.

Easy to produce feasibility designs

Any design modifications in one part of the process are automatically cascaded through all the other disciplines within the platform, saving time and reducing risk of design clashes and data errors.

Causeway’s established customers include major housebuilders and consultants, including Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon Homes, Seddon Construction, Springfield Properties and Harron Homes. The new platform has also been tested by Brookbanks and Stirling Maynard.

The design engineering platform has been piloted by engineering consultancy Thomas Consulting, which planned all the road and drainage designs for a residential development at The Castle Lane, Garstang using the Causeway Live Design platform, with dramatic results.

Causeway live design creates ‘the perfect visual effect’

Julian Pearson, principal infrastructure engineer at Thomas Consulting, commented: “We used the platform to do all the planning work. Essentially, we reduced five days’ work into about a day, it was that effective.

“But the real cost saving is where everything is integrated, making it so quick to design. Now, it’s all in one place. We can now do adaptive design in an interactive environment to seamlessly move, tweak and experiment.

“Causeway Live Design doesn’t just increase productivity and save fees, it also creates the perfect visual effect. It helps graduates all the way up to senior engineers because you can visualise and understand things much better, and it speeds up the approvals process too.”

‘Unlocking new design efficiencies for engineering consultants and inhouse design teams’

Barry Blake, EVP Design Solutions at Causeway, added: “Causeway Live Design is unlocking new design efficiencies for engineering consultants and inhouse design teams. It’s a game changer, helping them to achieve huge productivity savings and empowering them to produce optimal value engineered designs.

“No more time is wasted reworking designs or double-handling data, which is where so many mistakes can be made. Onboarding and training are quick and easy, and cloud licensing makes this solution portable and flexible for our customers’ needs.”

Causeway Live Design 4.0 includes brand new features

Causeway Live Design 4.0 will have everything you love, including our brand new features: Freeform Carriageways and Vertical Alignment Enhancements.

  • Freeform Carriageways: Create custom freeform carriageway channels in just 3 clicks and set them to the length you need.
  • ​Vertical Alignment Enhancements: Unlock grips to override Auto Design vertical alignments and sketch your vertical alignments with visual prompts for accurate design parameter adjustments and gradient. It gives you far more user control over the vertical design.

To be added to the new early access list and be the first to see the new features and demos, click here. 


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