TA Associates and LEA Partners back Enscape and Chaos merger

Enscape and Chaos Merger

The Enscape and Chaos merger will establish a global leader in the 3D visualisation and design workflow software sectors, with a focus on the AEC, Visual Effects (VFX) and Product Design verticals

TA Associates, a global growth private equity firm, and LEA Partners, a technology focused private equity firm, have agreed to merge Enscape and Chaos.

The newly-combined company will retain the Chaos name and all products will continue to operate and be available under their respective name.

Strengthen product portfolio

The new venture sets out to develop and strengthen the companies product portfolio to create a comprehensive end-to-end visualisation ecosystem, designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Peter Mitev, CEO and co-founder of Chaos, and Christian Lang, CEO of Enscape, will share the title of co-CEO for the new company.

Vladimir Koylazov, co-founder of Chaos and current head of software operations, will also continue to drive R&D and innovation in a leadership position.

Over 500 employees

The workforce will be made up of more than 500 employees across the globe, with corporate headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Additional offices will be based in Sofia (Bulgaria), Prague (Czech Republic), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea), Los Angeles (USA) and New York (USA).

‘Visualisation is critical to creating the future’

“Enscape has seen a period of extraordinary growth, outpacing an already fast-growing market. We are thrilled to join forces with Chaos as we seek to further our scale, recognising that our companies are highly complementary and share an end-to-end product vision. With the support of LEA and TA, we will significantly increase our investment in growth, technology and people,” said Christian Lang.

Peter Mitev said: “Visualisation is critical to creating the future—both in the real world and the metaverse. We are excited to team up with Enscape, TA, and LEA Partners to bring forth the world’s best 3D visualisation ecosystem.”

Christian Roth, Managing Partner at LEA Partners, commented: “Since our initial investment, we have worked closely with the Enscape management team to grow the company into a leading provider for the AEC industry, and this is only the beginning.

“We find that bringing together Enscape and Chaos offers a unique opportunity to build a tech powerhouse to lead the way in AEC and beyond.”

‘Create a global leader in the 3D visualisation and design workflow space’

Stefan Dandl, Principal at TA, added: “We have been impressed by the growth, high-quality product offerings and loyal customer base of both Chaos and Enscape. Together, we believe the company can build on its strong momentum to create a global leader in the 3D visualisation and design workflow space.

“In partnership with LEA, we are excited to invest in the company’s future by deepening product capabilities and growing the breadth of offerings and geography.”

More about Enscape

Enscape was founded in 2017. It offers solutions that connect directly into modeling software for the AEC industry, integrating design and visualisation workflows seamlessly into one.

This allows the company to support its customers through the entire design process with unprecedented ease-of-use, enabling faster concept iteration, real-time collaboration and feedback.

With its innovative solutions, Enscape has quickly grown since entering the market, establishing its position as a leading provider to the AEC industry.

More about Chaos

Chaos was founded in 1997. It is widely known as a world leader in visualisation and computer graphics, offering an ecosystem of 3D rendering, real-time visualisation and simulation software.

Chaos’ flagship rendering solution, V-Ray, is the go-to visualisation tool across multiple industries, supporting everything from architecture, product designs and world-class advertising campaigns to visual effects in film and television.

In addition to V-Ray, Chaos provides a broad suite of connected tools, including Phoenix, Cosmos, Vantage, Scans and Cloud, as well as the Corona Renderer.


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