Re-flow Field Management Software Platform wins at 2022 Design & Build awards


The team at Re-flow is excited to receive industry recognition once more, winning BUILD Magazine’s 2022 Design & Build ‘Most Outstanding Field Management Software Platform within the Construction industry’ award

Re-Flow Field Management Software Platform 2022 Design & BuildRe-flow’s mission is to provide construction firms with a world-class field management software platform that enables them to grow sustainably, save time, increase productivity, ensure compliance and much more.

Whenever their clients gain recognition for their achievements, the team’s pride is hard to miss. Over the years, they’ve made a habit of documenting the success of their customers, be that in written form or on film. It’s clear that for Re-flow, the success of their users is success for them, also.

Recently, however, the team has been experiencing its own success. More funding, an expanding team and new powerful features means the company is stronger than ever, and the industry is taking note. Among these, has been the staff at BUILD magazine.

‘Most Outstanding Field Management Software Platform within the Construction Industry’

Sofi Bajor, BUILD Magazine’s editor, described last year’s award edition as “as popular as ever, shining a light on those who truly deserve to be recognised for their hard work and achievements”.

As the team at Re-flow prepares their campaigns for more industry awards later this year, it must be a great reassurance to have their work already being recognised by BUILD Magazine, who honoured the company with the Design & Build award for ‘Most Outstanding Field Management Software Platform within the Construction Industry’.

Ashley Wing, head of sales and marketing, Re-flow Field Management, commented: “Over the years, we’ve managed to accumulate a sizeable catalogue of clients within the sector, including giants such as M.V. Kelly. To be recognised not just by the firms we work with, but by leading industry voices, is truly an honour.”

To learn more about Re-flow’s field management software for construction, visit or call 01392 574002 today.


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