Park homes specialist sees flood of demand for Actis-insulated floor


Hundreds of park homeowners are poised to enjoy a warmer living environment thanks to the installation of an Actis Hybrid insulated floor funded by the Green Homes Grant scheme

Park home undercarriage specialist PHCS Services UK Ltd (PHCS) has been rushed off its feet upgrading properties across England over the past few months as residents spend their government Green Homes Grant vouchers on the company’s insulated flooring system.

PHCS has upgraded its SnuggerFloor underfloor insulation product to ensure it complies with the Green Homes Grant criteria, waving goodbye to the solid insulation it previously used in favour of Actis’ insulating breather membrane Boost R Hybrid.

The Green Homes Grant scheme offered UK homeowners up to £5,000, or £10,000 if they received certain benefits, towards improving the thermal efficiency of their property, with many park homeowners choosing to spend their entitlement on floor insulation.

‘Warmth and water resistance’

Jack Base from Park Homes Chassis Services, said: “One of the conditions of the Green Homes Grant was that our product had to have a 25-year guarantee to qualify.

“So we researched alternatives to the insulation we had been using and discovered that Actis products are guaranteed for 25 years. Not only does it tick the box for eligibility for the grant it’s also much more modern than boarding.

“We’ve had loads of advance bookings. Many older park homes can suffer from very cold floors, which is not only uncomfortable, but also means they can cost a lot to heat.

“With the SnuggerFloor+ the residents can be nice and cosy – and save money on their heating bills, which is of course the point of the grant.”

Actis regional sales director for the South East, Steve Ellis, added: “Living in a park home can get pretty cold if the floor isn’t properly insulated, so we’re delighted Park Home Chassis chose our product to help even more people enjoy park life all year round.

“Boost R Hybrid is a dual insulation and breather membrane material, so it combines warmth with water resistance.

“It’s reflective and airtight and provides protection from precipitation and wind driven rain when installed correctly. It lets moisture out but doesn’t let water in, because water vapour molecules are smaller than those in water droplets.

“It also reduces the risk of interstitial condensation. So Boost R Hybrid not only keeps damp out, it boosts thermal resistance, keeping heat in.

“Thanks to the government grants this work can be carried out at very little, if any, cost to the homeowner, so everybody wins.”


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