Mott MacDonald’s aim is to cut carbon emissions in the short, medium and long term, by implementing a set of policies and actions on carbon management

The firm will aim towards where possible switching hired vehicles to a hybrid/electric and pursue external PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral certification, exploring what Science-Based Targets would mean for the company.

In order to become carbon neutral by the end of 2020, it will be necessary to purchase offsets, driving down the need to offset as much and as fast as possible thereafter. The company will improve the quality of the offsets it buys progressively so it can show leadership against best practice standards and benchmarks.

Mike Haigh, chairman, Mott MacDonald said: “We are proud of our plan of action to become carbon neutral by 2020.

“Both in response to recent events and the wider intensification of discussions surrounding climate change, there is an increasing call both internally and externally for Mott MacDonald to take action.

“Now is the time to act and we hope that this will encourage the wider industry to take similar steps.”

Making a difference

Mott MacDonald will investigate mechanisms for more robust carbon management, such as better data management, internal incentivisation, better quality data and tracking performance.

The group will also take several measures to meet its pledge including converting to renewable energy supplies as soon as possible and wherever possible for its offices worldwide and reduce the amount of flights by behavioural change.

Mott MacDonald has said that they ‘will start immediately to develop partnerships with Non-Government Organisations and develop its own projects for offsetting in the longer term.’


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