New pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems guidance

pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems,
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BSRIA has published a new edition of its guide on pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems

The latest guidance on pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems, BG 29/2020 is the sixth edition, replacing BG 29/2012.

Pre-commission cleaning is the process of bringing a closed heating or cooling system to a satisfactory state for commissioning and ongoing maintenance of water quality.

System contaminants such as mill scale, jointing compound and building debris will inevitably be found in newly fabricated heating and cooling pipework systems. If allowed to remain in the system in sufficient quality, these contaminants will make the system prone to blockages at strainers, control valves and small-bore heat exchangers. They may also initiate further corrosion and encourage the growth of microorganisms.

Originally published in 1991, BG29 is essential reading for any company operating in the water management area. Providing clear and concise guidance, the publication has become a de facto standard within the industry.

The pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems guidance, developed in partnership with the Closed Systems Control Association (CSCA) and an industry steering group, includes several new topics:

  • Cleaning precautions for thin-walled carbon steel pipes;
  • Closed-loop pre-treatment cleaning (CPC) procedures;
  • Pre-treatment options described in German directive VDI 2035[1];
  • Corrosion monitoring solutions;
  • Heat networks and low carbon systems.

You can access the guide here, with free downloads for BSRIA and CSCA members.


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