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Richard Kinloch, National Specification Manager at Keystone Lintels says innovative construction solutions are the key to creating smarter products for the market

Keystone Lintels produces a range of specialist structural products designed to meet the needs of even the most complex project and provide solutions for specifiers.

Innovation is at the core of the business. Keystone thinks differently, embraces creativity and develops products that are smarter than anything else in the market. With a relentless focus on excellence in quality, Keystone values third party endorsements for all products to give specifiers and contractors extra reassurance that its products have been rigorously tested to industry standards. Keystone enjoys a good relationship with the BBA and ensures its products are BBA approved.

Thermal bridging

In 2013, Keystone set new standards for thermal efficiency in steel lintels. Its award-winning Hi-therm Lintel has remained the only BBA approved, one piece, thermally efficient lintel in the market. Hi-therm offers a cost effective solution for lowering carbon emissions within SAP. Keystone’s R & D team has continued in its quest for perfection, and this summer will see the launch of the new redesigned Hi-therm+ Lintel.

The need to address thermal bridging is becoming a mainstream requirement and is boosting the need for advanced thermally efficient lintels. In response, the new Hi-therm+ design maintains the same excellent Psi value but at a lower cost, making it an even more attractive option. The new Hi-therm+ Lintel is as thermally efficient as the original but is now similar to a standard steel lintel for simplified installation.


Another innovation from Keystone is the Keyslip Brick Details range which enables architects to indulge in brick detailing with confidence.

Each Keyslip unit is produced offsite using the same brick from the main project in factory controlled conditions offering a greater deal of certainty for the visual quality compared to brickwork built on site.

innovative construction solutions -Hi-therm Plus 1200

Keystone’s patented design enables a BBA certified adhesive to interact with a perforated steel backing plate to form a strong mechanical bond with the brick slips.

Keystone’s range of steel and stainless steel lintels, Hi-therm lintels, special lintels and Keyslip products are supported by an industry-leading design service and full technical support.

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Richard Kinloch

National Specification Manager

Keystone Lintels

Tel: 01283 200 150

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