Mace and AFC Energy join forces to decarbonise construction sites

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Mace and AFC Energy have formed a UK first strategic partnership to use hydrogen power in decarbonising the construction industry

The partnership is a part of Mace’s commitment to achieve a 10% year on year reduction in carbon emissions from its operations and to remove diesel generators from its sites by 2026.

Mace and AFC Energy will work together in deploying zero-emission hydrogen generators to deliver a transition away from the use of highly polluting diesel generators on construction sites both in the UK and internationally.

The partners aim to commission the first AFC Energy H-PowerTM systems onsite in early 2022.

The construction sector accounts for 38% of energy-related emissions, and in London 14.5% of the most harmful emissions such as PM2.5 are from stationary diesel generators on construction sites.

To drive the decarbonisation of the construction industry, it is essential that a market-based demand for alternative, sustainable on-site generation is signalled to plant hire businesses through partnerships like this one to support investment in deployable clean energy technologies including hydrogen fuel cells.

Helping to reduce emissions, pollutants and noise

Mark Reynolds, Mace’s group chief executive, said: “One of our strategic priorities as an organisation is the pursuit of a sustainable world – and to make that a reality we know we must change how we power our construction sites.

“This partnership with AFC Energy will hopefully be a significant step on our journey to removing diesel from our projects.”

Adam Bond, chief executive officer at AFC Energy, said: “A sustainable construction industry and the need for improved urban air quality is growing contractor interest in transitioning away from diesel generators in meeting today’s temporary power needs.

“AFC Energy’s zero-emission, hydrogen-fuelled power generator addresses this growing demand for cleaner power.

“Mace is leading the construction sector’s transition away from diesel to sustainable power generation and our partnership, the first of its kind in the UK, will highlight to Government and industry just how zero-emission technology can be adopted to significantly accelerate decarbonisation and meet net zero aspirations.”


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