NLWA announces job-creating green infrastructure in Edmonton

Energy Recovery Facility,

NLWA has launched the hunt for bidders to build the new Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), which will divert up to 700,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year

The NLHPP is a major part of the green recovery in Enfield, and part of Enfield Council’s plans to promote high-tech industries in Edmonton. It will generate significant opportunities for local businesses to take part in this world-class, sustainable infrastructure project.

To help boost the local economy, the NLWA has committed to 25% local employment and 10% local expenditure across the NLHPP programme.

The Project will support the sustainable development of Meridian Water, by providing the opportunity to heat around 10,000 new homes.

The Energy Recovery Facility will have the same carbon impact as taking up to 110,000 cars off the road every year and generate efficient low-carbon heat and power for thousands of homes and businesses.

The most sustainable and cost-effective solution

The RRF will manage 135,000 tonnes of recyclable material every year and is part of NLWA’s pioneering efforts to raise awareness of waste reduction and recycling.

As well as diverting up to 700,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year, the ERF will also produce efficient, low-carbon energy in the form of heat and power for local homes.

Investment for flagship recycling facilities

David Cullen, programme director of the NLHPP, said: As part of our investment in new state-of-the-art recycling and waste management facilities for north London, we’re committed to boosting economic activity in the local area and being part of the green recovery in Enfield.

“Throughout the construction period we’re providing at least 100 apprenticeships for young people – 90 of which will be linked to our Energy Recovery Facility – in highly skilled roles that cover technology, construction and engineering and 225 on-site skills training opportunities for local people.

“Overall, the construction of the NLHPP will generate 2,500 jobs.

“We’re working with the constituent boroughs of the NLWA and education providers to ensure that job opportunities and wider project benefits reach the local community where they are most needed.”

Councillor Clyde Loakes, chair of the North London Waste Authority, added: “The procurement of the ERF is our biggest contract to date and marks a crucial step forward in delivering this nationally significant infrastructure project for our two million residents.

“In the first phase of construction we’re also investing £100m in flagship recycling facilities which are vital for boosting north London’s recycling rates.”

“As part of our public service to two million north Londoners, we champion the circular economy by helping residents to reduce their waste and recycle more. That’s why, for the first time ever, residents will be able to bring their household items to the EcoPark for reuse and recycling.

“We’re also building a new community hub called EcoPark House, to help local residents learn about the importance of recycling and reducing their waste.”


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