hydrogen storage facility
Image: Courtesy of HyNet

Costain has been awarded the concept development and FEED study for the HyNet project hydrogen storage facility in northwest England

INOVYN, one of the HyNet partners, has appointed Costain to develop the first-of-its-kind hydrogen storage facility.

HyNet will create the UK’s first full chain, integrated low carbon hydrogen supply system of production, distribution network, bulk storage and consumption.

Dave Richardson, decarbonisation solutions director, said: “The project will see the development of a hydrogen storage facility in the southern part of the Holford Brinefield in Cheshire storing up to 1.3 TWh of hydrogen underground in salt cavities.

“Excess hydrogen will be stored here during periods of low demand and discharged onto the network during peak winter periods, balancing supply and demand within the HyNet hydrogen system.”

Costain will undertake an initial concept study to demonstrate the requirements for the import, storage, and export of hydrogen at the facility. This will form the basis of a targeted front end engineering design (FEED) study package for the hydrogen facility.

‘UK’s potential to become a leading hydrogen economy’

Rob Phillips, energy sector director, said: “Storing hydrogen at scale will be key to unlocking the UK’s potential to become a leading hydrogen economy, recently given the green light by the Government’s Hydrogen strategy.

“Costain is committed to accelerating clean energy growth by decarbonising infrastructure delivery, energy systems and the wide scale deployment of hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies as part of our Climate Change Action Plan.”


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