ISG has achieved an A- CPD climate performance score


Construction and engineering firm ISG has been heralded an environmental leader in the industry after being awarded a CDP climate performance score of A-

ISG has achieved a CDP climate performance score of A-. The construction and engineering firm came in joint first place as an environmental leader in the industry after being independently assessed by carbon reduction specialist Carbon Credentials.

The firm was granted the score after meeting the ISO14064 process for quantifying, monitoring, reporting and verifying carbon emissions.

According to the data, the firm achieved 9.8 per cent reduction in real, like-for-like emissions, with a 12.09 per cent reduction in emissions intensity when compared to its 2014/15 baseline year.

How ISG reduced its carbon output

This was achieved by reducing the number of emission-heavy vehicles owned by the firm and leasing fuel-efficient fleets instead. Furthermore, moving to video conferencing and other web-based communication tools reduced travel.

ISG said it had reduced the use of diesel generators on site by ensuring connection to the grid is achieved sooner during site set up.

Richard Hubbard, ISG’s Chief Marketing Officer said: “While we have been monitoring our emissions as part of our CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme compliance obligations for several years, we’ve now started to report on more indirect ‘Scope 3’ emissions.

“This has improved our transparency and enabled us to understand our value chain emissions more clearly so we can track performance, support policy making and set targets more effectively.”

ISG is also working to reduce its direct and indirect emissions. Smart design of buildings and sourcing sustainable materials has helped to achieve its low emission status.

Smarter and more efficient industry

Hubbard added: “Construction is perceived as an emissions heavy sector, but ISG’s achievement in achieving an A- CDP rating, just a year after we established our baseline, proves that we can all play our part in becoming a smarter and more efficient industry.

“We’re delighted with how far we’ve come and proud to be leading the sector. Our score has inspired and challenged us to see what is possible next time and with verifiable figures to demonstrate the potential carbon savings, we’re looking forward to building on this success in 2017.”


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