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Kingspan Kooltherm has been developed to meet exacting new energy performance regulations for new homes while still offering slimline design

By the close of the year, England and Wales are expected to publish tougher energy performance regulations for new homes (contained within Part L of their respective Building Regulations) and to open consultations into similar changes in the regulations for refurbished dwellings and all non-domestic buildings. These changes are expected to place even greater emphasis on the performance of the building fabric. Kingspan Kooltherm insulation solutions have been developed to help specifiers to meet these challenges, achieving outstanding thermal performance with slim constructions.

Lower thermal conductivity

The rigid thermoset phenolic core within each Kingspan Kooltherm board is fibre-free and achieves a thermal conductivity of between 0.018 – 0.023 W/mK, the lowest of any commonly used insulation product. Materials with a lower thermal conductivity are more effective at limiting heat loss through conduction. As a result, Kooltherm products can allow specifiers to meet specific U-values with a thinner insulation layer.

When used in external wall applications, for example, this can allow specifiers to maximise floorspace within a given footprint. Research from Currie & Brown, discussed in detail in the October edition has shown that this additional floorspace can add considerable value to both commercial and domestic properties with returns of up to 2,500% and above, achieved on the additional cost of Kooltherm insulation when compared with a cheaper, lower-performing alternative.

Creating healthier environments

Reductions in wall depth also mean that window reveals are slimmer. A further study from Peutz BV has shown this can allow more natural light to enter into properties throughout the day, creating healthier environments that are less reliant on artificial lighting.

Kingspan Kooltherm boards are available for most common applications, including insulated drylining, cavity and external walls, pitched roofs, soffits and solid or suspended floors. They are supported by Kingspan Insulation’s expert technical service department, who can provide guidance at all stages in a project, and online resources including an in-depth knowledge base, and tools such as the U-value calculator – which can help designers to identify the most suitable Kooltherm product and thickness for each application.

All Kooltherm insulation products manufactured at Kingspan Insulation’s Pembridge and Selby manufacturing facilities are certified Excellent under the rigorous BES 6001 responsible sourcing standard. In addition, the sites are operated under Kingspan’s Net-Zero Energy (NZE) commitment meaning they are energy neutral, on an aggregate basis, across the year.



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